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21  mai     00h00
Omah Lay: Nigeria’s rising music star
   Nigerian singer Omah Lay is an artist fast gaining global attention Since he s turned out hits like Lolo Godly and Understand with sounds that oscillate between Afro Beats pop and R amp B The Port Harcourt native has also been outspoken about issues that affect Nigerian youth like police
20  mai     12h00
Africa’s arts and music industry
   In this episode we sit down with Nigerian Afrobeats sensation Omah Lay discover how nine year old Little Lisza uses music to keep her Igbo language alive and ask African influencers who inspires them We also take to the track with Kenyan speed demon Harmony Wanjiku Plus we catch up with
18  mai     21h00
Sierra Leone: Do citizens benefit from mineral resources?
   Diamonds gold bauxite iron ore You name it Sierra Leone s got it Twenty years after the civil war the West African country is no longer ruled by quot conflict diamonds quot But does the modern day mineral sector really benefit the people of Sierra Leone Edith Kimani heads to Koidu town
14  mai     00h00
Stella Nyanzi: Uganda’s rights activist
   Uganda rsquo s Stella Nyanzi has dedicated her life and freedom to fighting for women rsquo s rights in her native country She rsquo s already been arrested twice for speaking out against President Yoweri Museveni The activist now lives in exile in Munich DWAfrica the percent
13  mai     21h15
Is Africa really a victim of the infamous resource curse?
   Is Africa really a victim of the infamous resource curse We ask why despite its immense mineral wealth the continent is yet to reap the financial benefits In South Africa artisanal miners scrape the earth for its remaining diamonds while challenges still plague Sierra Leone s reformed mineral
Initiation without FGM for Kenya’s Maasai girls
   For generations Maasai girls in Kenya s Kajiado county were forced to undergo female genital mutilation FGM to be considered women by locals Today however the harmful practice is outlawed and some communities are allowing girls to participate in a so called Alternative Right of Passage
10  mai     22h05
South Africa’s controversial culture of virginity testing
   In South Africa thousands of young women are subjected to virginity testing every year Although the practice has been widely acknowledged as a violation of the dignity of young women and girls some say it is an important part of their culture DWAfrica the percent percent of
07  mai     12h00
Taking to the dunes: Sandboarding in Namibia
   Sandboarding might not be as popular as its sea and snow counterparts but the sport is growing rapidly quot and there s no better place to catch a thrill than the dunes near Swakopmund in Namibia For tourists it s become something of a local gem DWAfrica the percent Namibia dunes
06  mai     12h00
The man behind Kenya’s cockfighting tradition
   Ayub Alulu Masakhwe is the King of cockfighting in his home region in Western Kenya Cockfighting is embedded in the culture of Kenya s Luhya community and the sport has been passed down from one generation to the next Now Ayub Alulu wants his children to keep his legacy alive DWAfrica
04  mai     00h00
Spinning and racing with BMX bikes in Soweto
   South Africa s Soweto town is being taken over by BMX bikes quot with a twist Young riders gather on weekends to show off their spinning and racing skills with their custom built double and extra long bikes We catch up with the unrivaled star of the scene Makesh who is laying the foundation
30  avril     00h00
Stella Nyanzi: Uganda’s radical women’s rights activist
   Ugandan poet Stella Nyanzi has dedicated her life to fighting for women s rights in her native country Speaking out against President Yoweri Museveni has already landed her in prison twice Today she lives in exile in Germany quot but she s more determined than ever to inspire change with her
29  avril     00h00
Free speech and rights of women in Africa
   Ugandan activist Stella Nyanzi visits the Percent to talk free speech and women s rights We also meet her intrepid quot and stylish quot lawyer Isaac Ssemakadde In Kenya young poet Hope Wambui is determined to change Kibera for the better Ivorian artist Laetitia Ky stuns with her taboo
27  avril     00h00
From swipe to harvest: Crowd-farming grows in Nigeria
   Nigerian computer science graduate Rebecca Amoo is getting innovative with the concept of farming She wants people to pick peppers or harvest tomatoes with just a swipe of their finger For Amoo turning this futuristic idea into reality will make it easier for everyone to reap the benefits of
23  avril     10h00
Meet Little Lisza: Nigeria’s rising star
   Lisa Ebube Nnabuihe rdquo AKA Little Lisza rdquo is a multi talented singer and dancer with a knack for remixing the hits of famous Nigerian musicians The nine year old is also fiercely proud of her Igbo roots and uses her music to keep the Igbo language alive DWAfrica
22  avril     12h00
Exclusive: Kipchooge talks about finding balance between positive and negative emotions.
   World marathon champion Eliud Kipchoge meets The Percent s Edith Kimani for an exclusive interview on his farm in Eldoret Kenya In this special sports edition of the show we also close in on the scourge of corruption in Kenya s sporting world We go spinning with the unrivaled stars of