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27  mars     14h32
TP editorial    That such a fine achievement should be immortalized is beyond dispute But who will pick up the gauntlet We live in a volatile world where the Internet is dominant and when a tournament is over the next one is already at the door No time for reflection and historical awareness Yet there was
David Navara My Chess World
TP editorial    David Navara is considered one of the few true gentlemen in top chess always highlighting the play of others and humbly understating his own efforts and accomplishments Therefor I was pleased to pick up this book and learn more about him and indeed he has a lot to say The book is massive
Efstratios Grivas Your Jungle Guide to Rook Endings
TP editorial    This is a superb book packed full of instructive examples which I cannot praise enough The book has clearly been extensively researched with Efstratios Grivas showcasing his credentials as a world class trainer The book starts off with four well thought out introductory sections The Endgame
Darius Swiercz A Complete Opening Repertoire for Black after 1.d4 Nf6 2.c4 e6 - Volume 1 - Nimzo-Indian
TP editorial    A book like this undoubtedly has to have a lot of theory and The Modernized Ruy Lopez does but Swiercz does provide prose to guide the reader when needed More importantly he provides the judgement of a world class grandmaster Everyone can turn on their computer and check the computer evaluation
Alexey Dreev Improve Your Practical Play in the Endgame
TP editorial    This excellent book is packed full of instructive exciting endgames taken from top level games including many of Dreev s own games extensively analysed with short pithy didactic comments Many of the examples are complex and require serious study to really gain the understanding of practical
07  mars     12h33
Dariusz Swiercz The Modernized Ruy Lopez Volume 1: A Complete Repertoire for White
TP editorial    The Modernized Ruy Lopez A Complete Repertoire for White Volume by Darius Swiercz is one of the best opening books this reviewer has ever seen The Polish American Grandmaster currently rated in the top in the world at classical rapid and blitz chess has the reputation as a top rate
Dr. Jana Krivec Improve Your Life By Playing A Game: Learn how to turn your life activities into lifelong skills
TP editorial    The comprehensive scientific monograph Improve Your Life by Playing a Game by Dr Jana Krivec brings new insights into the connection between psychological concepts and chess She focuses in detail on various aspects of chess and combines them meaningfully with various aspects of the
Peter Prohaszka Your Jungle Guide to Chess Tactics: Sharpen Your Tactical Skills
TP editorial    An excellent puzzle book based on recent games with some even quite challenging for Master level players Former Female World s Champion GM Susan Polgar There are countless puzzle books available However it is very surprising that there is virtually almost none that gives a comprehensive
Vladimir Tukmakov Modern Chess Formula The Powerful Impact of Engines
TP editorial    Tukmakov always has pertinent and insightful things to say about chess and chess players and the book provides the views of a top coach on the top players of today which is always worth reading GM Matthew Sadler NIC Magazine One and sometimes more engines toil without rationing
Romain Edouard Chess Calculation Training for Kids and Club Players: Level 1 Checkmating
TP editorial    Edouard is not shy about visiting the classics and his selection of positions reaches far back into history This book should appeal to anyone wanting to build up their checkmating skills and with its progressing approach it will enjoy an extended self life too Sean Marsh Chess April