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22  mai     18h00
Grave robbing, murder and modern medicine: I visited the ultimate Edinburgh exhibition
   FROM grave robbing to modern medicine I got a sneak peak into the important history of dissection during a sneak preview of Edinburgh s new exhibition Anatomy A Matter of Death and Life
20  mai     10h41
Getting a good night’s sleep at a hotel shouldn’t be a luxury, it’s a necessity
   AS SOMEONE who worked shifts for more than three years my sleep has often been disrupted At times I would struggle to wind down and ease my overactive mind or I would wake up hours before my alarm clock leaving me exhausted for the day ahead While on other days I would get a good night s
15  mai     03h00
Marbella: Clear blue oceans, luxury beach clubs & stunning food - why you should visit
   MARBELLA is known for the hot sunshine blue ocean and of course some of the best places to eat and drink I travelled for a weekend in the sun where I visited the opening party for Ocean Club
14  mai     08h00
Lily Cottage is the perfect home away from home for a week of exploring in beautiful Rye
   LILY Cottage part of Sykes Cottages portfolio serves as the perfect home away from home in the heart of historic Rye Here s what you can expect from a week spent in the quaint East Sussex town
13  mai     05h01
The Guardsman Hotel promises privacy, luxury and a bedside bathtub you won’t want to leave
   LONDON is home to well over hotels but if you re looking for the perfect mix of modern boutique with classic elegance then Buckingham Gate s The Guardsman could be the one for you Here s what you can expect from a visit to one of the capital s newest hotels
09  mai     14h17
Why March of the Living may be the closest you’ll get to understanding the Holocaust
   THE HOLOCAUST will always seem beyond the reach of my understanding After attending March of the Living a five day educational event in Poland many questions remain unanswered Yet the lessons I learned along the way will live with me forever
23  avril     03h00
Florence: A luxurious 48 hours in Tuscany’s capital - what to do for a gourmet getaway
   FLORENCE is a popular stop in Italy for those looking for delicious wine mouth watering food and breath taking views I enjoyed hours of luxury activities in the city while based at the grand Dimora Palanca hotel
27  février     10h05
Amy: Beyond the Stage - Discover the magic behind the Grammy-winning singer
   LONDON is known for being home to many great singers and artists through the years but none have captured the public s imagination as much as Amy Winehouse Thanks to the Design Museum s latest exhibit the public can rediscover the magic behind the Grammy award winning star ten years after her
22  février     16h30
Lake District weekend: A two day relaxing getaway in the UK’s largest national parks
   THE LAKE DISTRICT is best known for it s stunning walks breathtaking views and for being a staycation hotspot all year round I headed for a weekend in the UK s largest national parks to find out what it had to offer
09  février     08h12
Studley Castle Hotel: A relaxing countryside wellness retreat in a historic castle
   STUDLEY CASTLE HOTEL is the perfect place to escape from it all and enjoy a restful relaxing weekend in the countryside With a new wellness retreat available there was no better time to enjoy a peaceful spa weekend in an historic castle