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14  novembre     11h31
UFC Asia Boss Kevin Chang Talks About China, Zhang Weili, Expansion And Localization
Russell Flannery, Forbes Staff    Asia is more important than ever to UFC
04  novembre     12h30
The FAA Is Concerned Enough About 5G’s Potential To Affect Radar Altimeters That It Issued A Directive
Eric Tegler, Contributor    The wireless communication revolution is slated to arrive with commencement of 5G signals broadcasting in the U.S. on December 5. Many will herald it as progress but the FAA is warning that 5G signals could interfere with the radar altimeters that airliners, bizjets and other aircraft rely on.
20  octobre     17h44
Bell Labs Put A Value On MmWave
Jim McGregor, Contributor    Nokia’s Bell Labs Consulting found a 6% to 8% increase in additional annual revenue in the 2021-2026 timeframe with an average 4-year payback and Internal Rate of Return (IRR) between 20% to 30% after the fourth year, demonstrating a short-term ROI and long-term revenue benefit to carriers.
13  octobre     16h00
Edge Computing Efforts From Dell And Google To Bring New Life And New Challenges To 5G
Bob O'Donnell, Contributor    Recent announcements from both Dell Technologies and Google highlight the increasing focus the tech industry is placing on edge computing solutions as well as the potential challenges this could create for service providers.
11  octobre     08h49
5G Spectrum Is 4.5x More Valuable To Economy Than Free’ Wi-Fi
Roslyn Layton, Senior Contributor    Instead of licensing scarce frequencies, policymakers love to give free resources to Big Tech.
08  octobre     13h00
Is Neuromorphic Computing The Answer For Autonomous Driving And Personal Robotics?
Bob O'Donnell, Contributor    Applications like autonomous driving and personal robotics are proving to be challenging for traditional computing architectures, but a relatively unknown, biology-inspired technology called neuromorphic computing could hold the key to new killer applications.
06  octobre     14h41
Qualcomm’s Quest To Make Cities Smarter
Will Townsend, Contributor    Analysts Will Townsend and Anshel Sag share their takeaways from Qualcomm’s recent Smart Cities Accelerate 2021 event.
30  septembre     15h03
What Is 6G?
Mung Chiang, Contributor    As 5G is deployed in the next several years, engineers and policymakers must start thinking about a 6G in the decade ahead.
24  septembre     19h09
Living Security Aims To Deliver Human Security Risk Management
Will Townsend, Contributor    Analyst Will Townsend discusses Living Security’s human risk management platform.
21  septembre     12h35
FCC Wants To Close Loopholes That Let Huawei Sell Smartphones On Amazon
Roslyn Layton, Senior Contributor    DJI, TikTok, Lenovo and YMTC work around the rules.
20  septembre     18h00
Qualcomm Camera And Computational Photography Tech Sets The Bar For Smartphones
Marco Chiappetta, Contributor    Although its partners don’t always expose every possible photography or videography-related feature available in its Snapdragon mobile platforms, it’s clear that Qualcomm’s Spectra Image Signal Processor and its related software are capable of producing excellent photographs and video...
15  septembre     16h00
GlobalFoundries Advancements, Qualcomm Partnership Push 5G Ahead
Bob O'Donnell, Contributor    Chip maker GlobalFoundries debuted a number of enhancement to its chipmaking processes and platforms, including several that can enable better performing, more responsive 5G smartphones, as well as new advancements in silicon photonics for demanding datacenter and cloud computing workloads.
09  septembre     10h01
5G Driving Automotive Transformation
Jim McGregor, Contributor    5G is essentially doing for the digital transformation of industries, systems, and AI what 4G did for the smartphone, it is allowing for high-speed low-latency connections that enable new applications, new usage models, and new business models.
08  septembre     16h04
Google And Cisco Partner To Drive Collaboration Forward
Bob O'Donnell, Contributor    As employees start to return to the office, interoperability challenges from dedicated videoconferencing hardware will quickly become apparent. Cisco and Google are tackling the challenge head-on by providing the ability to use their hardware devices across both collaboration platforms.
07  septembre     21h01
Live From Denver: The Big 5G Event 2021
Will Townsend, Contributor    Analyst Will Townsend provides his takeaways from Light Reading’s recent Big 5G event in Denver, CO.
05  septembre     13h43
China Anti-Monopoly Push Adds To Enterprise And Deep Technology’s Appeal: Lightspeed’s James Mi
Russell Flannery, Forbes Staff    Solar and energy storage also very interesting
02  septembre     09h18
What’s In The Broadband Component Of The Infrastructure Bill
Roslyn Layton, Senior Contributor    Who contributes and who doesn’t to the 65 billion package are more interesting than the amount itself.