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24  novembre     12h00
Samsung On Preparing For Hybrid Work With The And Era’
Maribel Lopez, Senior Contributor    To understand how mobile technology in business changed in the past year, I interviewed John Curtis, the Vice President and General Manager of Samsung Electronics America’s B2B Mobile division.
Anomalo Watches Your Data For Weirdness
Justin Warren, Contributor    Data quality software startup Anomalo wants to help customers watch their data for weirdness.
23  novembre     18h03
At NASA, Open And Trusted Leadership Is As Important As Technical Prowess
Joe McKendrick, Contributor    NASA’s chief data officer explains how moving up the corporate ladder means being able to speak in business terms. It’s equally important to be an empathetic and servant leader.
Microsoft’s Modern Work Vision Removes Collaboration Woes And Enters The Metaverse
Maribel Lopez, Senior Contributor    Spataro’s Microsoft Ignite keynote covered many topics, but at least three stood out: Context IQ, Loop and Mesh.
Weekly Usage Of TikTok Surpasses Instagram Among US Gen Z Youth
Forrester, Contributor    Forrester got data back which shows a 13-point year-over-year increase in weekly usage of TikTok (from 50% to 63%) among US Gen Z youth (ages 12-17).
The Key To Demand And ABM Success: Moving From A Lead-Centric To A Buying-Group Focus
Forrester, Contributor    In 2022, demand and account-based marketing (ABM) leaders will focus on building and maintaining pipeline momentum in a post-pandemic world where B2B buyers’ expectations of being heard, known, and understood are higher than ever before.
Sama Tea: Using Artificial Intelligence (AI) To Launch A New Brand
Bernard Marr, Contributor    Developing and successfully launching a product is not easy; in fact, 95% fail. But could artificial intelligence, machine learning, and big data help? In this article, we look at how Sama Tea used AI to help them launch a new brand.
22  novembre     19h51
The President’s New Management Agenda: A Clear Approach To Strengthen Customer Experience
Forrester, Contributor    The President’s Management Agenda vision for federal CX excellent, equitable, and secure is strong and clear. That puts the federal government ahead of the many private-sector companies that don’t define clear CX goals.
Making Tech Accessible For Disabled And Nondisabled People In Conversation With Haben Girma And Rachel Arfa
Brenda D. Wilkerson, Contributor    I recently interviewed two incredible disability advocates on the subject of diversity, equity and inclusion in our tech sphere. Haben Girma, deafblind human rights lawyer and Rachel Arfa, deaf Commissioner of the Mayor’s Office for People with Disabilities, City of Chicago.
Product Management Leaders: Make 2022 The Year Of Customer Value
Forrester, Contributor    There are KPIs to achieve and roadmap goals, but there are also behaviors that product management leaders must guide to ensure growth in the years to come.
Freight Rail Wants Smarter, Greener And Safer Shipping. Its Regulators Have Other Ideas.
Roslyn Layton, Senior Contributor    Misguided regulatory interventions promise to make supply and labor inequalities worse.
Future Of Work: The 5 Biggest Workplace Trends In 2022
Bernard Marr, Contributor    The global COVID-19 pandemic transformed many places of work over the past two years. Here we look ahead and explore the five biggest workplace trends in a post-coronavirus world.
21  novembre     12h00
Finally Apple Announces Self Service Repair...And Other Small Business Tech News This Week
Gene Marks, Contributor    Here are five things in technology that happened this past week and how they affect your business. Did you miss them?
20  novembre     17h41
Media And Entertainment Digital Storage Growth Swells With Increased Cloud And Remote Services
Tom Coughlin, Contributor    The media and entertainment industry is a significant driver for digital storage growth and development, including all types of storage media and storage technology. Particularly, remote M&E workflows are driving cloud-based storage growth.
19  novembre     23h34
Businesses Investing In Drones Could Be Key To 1 Trillion Infrastructure Fix In The US
Brian Cross, Contributor    As the US is set to spend about 1 trillion rebuilding critical infrastructure, drones may prove instrumental in the process. But to do the job, they will need location intelligence to accurately navigate and collect data.
Forrester Expects Banks To Invest Aggressively, But Run Into Skills Shortages
Tom Groenfeldt, Contributor    Banks are going to run into a severe shortage of the digital skills they need, and they have to compete with tech firms looking for people with the same skills.
A Chat With Qualcomm’s Licensing Business Leader, John Han
Patrick Moorhead, Senior Contributor    1-Ranked Industry Analyst Patrick Moorhead shares some of conversation with John Han, SVP and GM of Qualcomm’s QTL division. on QTL and how Qualcomm is helping the promulgation of 5G technology.
Digital Bounty Hunters Want To Help Businesses Track Down Hidden AI Biases That Can Prevent People Getting Jobs And Loans
Martin Giles, Forbes Staff    A move by New York’s city council to insist on AI audits for recruitment software could spark greater interest in using ethical hackers to find evidence of discrimination in algorithms.
The 5 Biggest Blockchain Trends In 2022
Bernard Marr, Contributor    A lot of things are happening in the blockchain world. During 2022, spending on blockchain solutions by businesses is forecast to hit 11.7 billion. Here are some of the trends that will be driving this and some thoughts on how this will impact more and more lives over the course of the next year.
18  novembre     16h17
Qualcomm Showcases Diversification, Growth And Resilience At Investor Day 2021
Patrick Moorhead, Senior Contributor    1-Ranked Industry Analyst Patrick Moorhead take’s a look at the highlights of the day as Qualcomm held its annual Investor Day this week, and it did not disappoint.
In 2022 Sales Enablement Leaders Must Emphasize Role-Specific Enablement
Forrester, Contributor    To help sales be most effective, the key theme for 2022 will be an emphasis on role-specific enablement.
17  novembre     19h25
Customer Insights Pros Must Act Decisively, Or They’ll Get Lost In The Fog In 2022
Forrester, Contributor    Forrester believes that a subset of bold, creative, and collaborative customer insights (CI) pros will be up to the task at hand in the coming year.
Zscaler Digital Experience Raises The Bar For Application Monitoring And More
Will Townsend, Contributor    Analyst Will Townsend offers his take on several new enhancements to Zscaler’s ZDX service offering.
In 2022 Sales And Revenue Operations Leaders Need To Make Five Perspective Shifts
Forrester, Contributor    Forrester identifies five key trends that will affect sales and revenue operations leaders’ priorities in 2022.
Hightouch Raises 40M At A 450M Valuation To Democratize Reverse ETL For All Business Teams
Frederick Daso, Senior Contributor    The dramatic rise of reverse ’extract, transfer, and load’ (ETL) has trailed the exponential growth of the customer data warehouse adoption by businesses of all sizes. Hightouch has raised 40M at a 450M valuation to democratize reverse ETL for all business teams.