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25  novembre     23h33
Are The Emerging Titans Of AdTech Credible Competition To Google And Facebook?
John Koetsier, Senior Contributor    If there’s one truism in digital advertising, it’s that there’s Google, there’s Facebook, and then there’s everyone else. Not any more?
No, Higher Turkey Cost Isn’t Part Of A Plot By Democrats To Destroy Thanksgiving
Robert Hart, Forbes Staff    Lara Trump claimed rising turkey prices are part of a liberal plot to destroy American traditions but the increase is actually caused by a number of factors, including inflation and supply chain issues.
23  novembre     21h02
5 Million Viewers Watch Tucker Carlson’s Interview With Kyle Rittenhouse
Mark Joyella, Senior Contributor    The interview Monday night gave Fox News Channel’s Tucker Carlson Tonight its second-highest rated show of 2021.
Can An Ancient Philosophy Help Entrepreneurs Today? Social Media Helps Fuel Stoicism Renaissance
Russell Flannery, Forbes Staff    You want to focus your efforts where you do have control
A Tech Shopping List Ahead Of Black Friday, Whenever That Is This Year
David Bloom, Senior Contributor    Black Friday is here early, early, but if you’re looking for some smart tech and gaming gifts, we’ve got some suggestions for some of the year’s most engaging products.
21  novembre     18h25
CBS’ Margaret Brennan Presses Ted Cruz On Election Claims: There Is No Evidence Of Fraud...You Know That’
Mark Joyella, Senior Contributor    On Face the Nation, Brennan asked Cruz if indulging the doubters who believed the 2020 election had been stolen ultimately damaged our democracy.
How The Right Media Coverage Creates More Sales And Bigger Profits
Zenger News, Contributor    It’s your secret, credible, third-party referral partner.
20  novembre     15h45
The Best Movies And TV Shows Of 2021 If You Love Journalism
Andy Meek, Contributor    Five of this year’s best TV shows and movies which can be enjoyed on platforms like Netflix, HBO and video on demand that offer a look at the state of journalism today.
19  novembre     17h35
My Wife, Cokie Roberts
Next Avenue, Contributor    A conversation with Steven Roberts, author of a new book about the beloved NPR and ABC journalist
A Cold Start To Thanksgiving Week Will Spawn Climate Change Illiteracy
Marshall Shepherd, Senior Contributor    A cold start to Thanksgiving week in the U.S. will bring out the climate change isn’t real narrative. Here’s why it happens.
Adele’s 30’ Knocks Taylor Swift Off Top Of iTunes Chart Hours After Release
Robert Hart, Forbes Staff    Easy On Me,’ the album’s lead single, topped charts hours after it was released last month and broke Spotify’s record for single-day streams.
CNN Says Its Signal Has Been Blocked In China Over Peng Shuai Coverage
Mark Joyella, Senior Contributor    Every time CNN covers this story, the Chinese government blocks CNN’s signal, Anderson Cooper told viewers Thursday evening.
This Week In XR: Ultraleap’s 82 Million Series D, HIKKY Social VR Gets 57 Million, And Nreal Is Here
Charlie Fink, Contributor    Nreal’s 599 AR smart glasses launch in US.
18  novembre     16h32
What The Media Rating Council Does
Brad Adgate, Contributor    In the past few months the MRC has gained a lot of attention by suspending Nielsen’s accreditation of their national local TV ratings service. Launched at the request of Congress, the non-profit organization is also active in many other media industry matters.
Kamala Harris Tells ABC News She’s Not Frustrated: We’re Getting Things Done’
Mark Joyella, Senior Contributor    So you don’t feel misused or underused, ABC’s George Stephanopoulos asked on ’Good Morning America.’ No, I don’t, Harris said.
Cannuka Luxe And Neiman Marcus Are Making Shoppable CTV Advertising A Reality
Alan Wolk, Contributor    With this in mind, an up and coming beauty brand called Cannuka Luxe decided to make use of shoppable TV ads in a recent campaign designed to promote the brand’s recent launch at Neiman Marcus, which will feature Cannuka Luxe products in 21 of its stores as well as online.
Viking To Publish George Floyd Biography In May 2022
Rachel Kramer Bussel, Senior Contributor    Viking will publish biography His Name Is George Floyd: One Man’s Life and the Struggle for Racial Justice by Washington Post reporters Robert Samuels and Toluse Olorunnipa in May 2022. The book will place Floyd’s life in the context of America’s deeply troubled history of institutional racism.
16  novembre     21h17
Hello ’: Adele And Oprah Deliver CBS Sunday Ratings Worth Singing About
Tom Nunan, Contributor    Among the music icons with single name status Elvis, Prince, Madonna, Sting, Cher, Bono, Beyonce and others come to mind Adele’s challenges and triumphs over the past few years set the stage for what industry insiders call good TV.
CNN’s Matthew Chance Water Cannoned Off Air Live’ Amid Violence At Belarusian-Polish Border
Mark Joyella, Senior Contributor    That water is quite acrid, it has some sort of pepper component in it, stinging your eyes a little bit, making you choke, Chance said, soaked and coughing in a live report.
15  novembre     23h40
ESPN2’s MNF’ With The Mannings Is A Hit. Here’s Why That Matters.
Toni Fitzgerald, Contributor    The brothers have set new ratings highs for the alternative broadcast, at a time when networks are looking for unique ways to draw in viewers. It may be the future of sports.
Disney And Media Brethren Find Streaming TV 2.0 A Lot More Complicated
Howard Homonoff, Contributor    Last week in streaming TV brought no new product announcements, no new big-time talent signings, and no new major content partnerships. And yet, it felt somehow like the start of a new era. Streaming 2.0 will be all about the ability to pivot towards long-term financial sustainability in streaming.
Substack Announces One Million Paid Subscribtions
Marisa Dellatto, Forbes Staff    The newsletter platform’s top 10 writers generated over 20 million from subscriptions.
Container Ships, Air Pollution And Bizarre Attacks On Ginger Zee
Marshall Shepherd, Senior Contributor    Recent vitriol towards Ginger Zee’s reporting on air pollution and container ships highlights a deeper issue
Bookstore Sells Book Hanukkah And Advent Calendars To Boost Holiday Sales
Rachel Kramer Bussel, Senior Contributor    Chicago’s Madison Street Books will be putting its own spin on holidays bookselling with a Hanukkah book calendars and advent book calendars. Shoppers offer input to the store’s booksellers, who select tailored book titles, which are wrapped for gifting. The program has been popular with customers.
14  novembre     23h08
Why AWE Is Still XR’s Best Conference
Charlie Fink, Contributor    3,000 visitors and 200 exhibitors were live and in-person last week.