Codementor : Python
22  novembre     12h34
Introduction: Python
   Python could be a completely practical programming language that will do something virtually the other language can do, at comparable speeds. Python is capable of threading and GPU processing just like the other language. Most of the information process modules are literally simply Python wrappers...
How to Send SMS in Python Using Plivo’s SMS API
   How to Send SMS in Python Using Plivo’s SMS API
18  novembre     05h02
How to Send MMS in Python Using Plivo’s Messaging API
   How to Send MMS in Python Using Plivo’s Messaging API
08  novembre     18h25
How to run a Python script in Linux with SYSTEMD
   How to run python scripts automatically on startup.
18  octobre     11h16
How Python Became the #1 Programming Language and How You Can Make the Best of It
   Python is now more popular than Java, C, and other programming languages. Here are my tips on how to make the best of Python.
05  octobre     05h42
Functions in Python
   In This Article We are going to learn how functions will work. Let’s first discuss What exactly is a Python Function. In Python, Function is a group of related statements that performs a specific...
Steps to implement a Machine Learning Algorithm
   Steps to implement a machine learning algorithm with easiest explanation. Learn this and things will be smoother.
24  septembre     04h19
Debug Flask App in Docker with PyCharm
   In PyCharm we can also debug flask application inside docker as well. So we don’t need to run project locally with different configuration. Which makes development process speedy.
13  septembre     04h40
You are coding the wrong way in Python if you aren’t using these two libraries
   It’s the typing, the type safety. They know that there will be a safety net beneath them that catches many bugs and shouts at us if we do mistakes. It’s not just that it’s the auto-suggestion that matters too, it would feel amazing right when you get the best auto completes and the methods for the...
09  septembre     09h39
Top 9 Best Websites To Learn Programming in 2021
   Below are the Top 9 best websites which might help you identify the perfect and most convenient website for study.
26  août     07h22
Why is Python the Top Programming Language for Data Science?
   Python for data science is ensuring data scientists, analysts, and developers can work effectively with data. Here’s why Python is one of the top tools for data science.
25  août     13h12
How to make a custom activation function in Keras?
   Simple example on how to make a custom activation function in Keras?
24  août     10h23
How to save restore a model after training in keras?
   Simple illustration on how to train neural network on MNIST data set, then save model and load it again.
26  juillet     06h59
Adding Firefox Extensions With Selenium In Python
   In this Selenium Python tutorial, we deep dive into how you can add extensions in Firefox using the Selenium automation framework. It is one of the swiftest ways to add the required Firefox extensions...
17  juillet     12h52
Python Program to Take in a String and Replace Every Blank Space with Hyphen
   Strings in Python: A string is one of the most frequent data types in any computer language. A string is a collection of characters that can be used to represent usernames, blog posts, tweets, or any...
09  juillet     17h04
Best Programming Languages to Learn for Beginners
   a snippet into the best programming languages you should go for if you are beginner as a coder
A Gentle Introduction to Reinforcement Learning
   A gentle introduction to Reinforcement Learning
Artificial Neural Networks
   Everything you need to know about Artificial Neural Networks.
08  juillet     09h06
Python Program to Check a Number is Prime or Not
   Factors of a number: When two whole numbers are multiplied, the result is a product. The factors of the product are the numbers we multiply. In mathematics, a factor is a number or algebraic...
07  juillet     09h18
Develop and Deploy a server less python application that updates Twitter banner in real time
   Let’s check step by step on how to make your python serverless application that updates your Twitter banner or you could do anything, this has a huge potential.