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14  avril     11h14
Arcade Game: Akazukin (1983 Sigma Enterprises, Inc.)
   A shooting em up game where you play a role of hunter or pilgrim and protecting little red riding hood from big bad wolves so she can get to her home to safety Note Used invincibility cheat on little red riding hood throughout the game
NES Game: Donkey Kong Classics (1988 Nintendo)
   A platform game featuring NES ports of the two very popular arcade games Donkey Kong and Donkey Kong Jr The NES version of Donkey Kong omits the factory stage and the cutscenes due to lack of memory in the cartridge The NES version of Donkey Kong Jr retains all of the levels of the arcade
03  mars     10h24
Arcade Game: Nebula (1980 Data East)
   A shooting em up where you control a ship having to shoot and destroy alien ships The names of the enemies are Rava Canda Munda Naga ad Garda Each one is worth a different amount of points The first enemies to appear are Rava Canda and Munda They will make their formation and start
Arcade Game: Computer Othello (1978 Nintendo)
   A Video Game version of the classic board game This game consists of squares and plus You move the cursor by using vertical and horizontal buttons not by using sticks You then set the piece with another button You can also skip your turn by pressing the pass button If you wish to give up
31  décembre     08h52
Arcade Game: Conquest (Prototype) (1982 Williams Vid Kidz)
   A shooting em up game
Arcade Game: Red Clash (1981 Kaneko)
   A shooting em up game Note Used invincibility cheat after down to last life
Arcade Game: Zero Hour (1980 Universal)
   A shooting em up game where you maneuver your spaceship and destroy meteorites and enemy ships falling from the top of the screen Shooting a red meteorite awards a quadruple score After all enemy ships have been destroyed a landing pad will appear where you must carefully land your ship Bonus
16  septembre     11h07
NES Game: Famicom Grand Prix II - 3D Hot Rally [Japan][Fan Translation] (1988 Nintendo)
   A racing driving game featuring Mario and Luigi as the drivers racers Unlike the first game in the series that had top down behind the car view it is more similar to Outrun and Rad Racer done in third person perspective view with three long race tracks having a different variety types of terrain
10  septembre     09h55
Arcade Game: Borderline (1981 Sega)
   An action based maze like shooting game where players attempt to destroy enemy refineries and energy plants The player moves through four different sectors constantly under attack by enemy tanks missiles interceptors and drones Sector The player is deep behind enemy lines rolling his jeep
Arcade Game: Micon-Kit Part II (1978 SNK)
   A ball and paddle game that is a breakout variant Like Breakout the player controls a paddle at the bottom of the screen and must bounce a ball to hit bricks at the top of the screen to destroy them and earn points The player has limited lives which are lost when the ball hits the floor The
09  septembre     09h51
Apple II Game: Dunjonquest- Temple of Apshai (1979 Automated Simulations, Inc.)
   An RPG game that is rogue like but you cannot see the whole level except your surroundings The level maps are not randomized like in Rogue Still the gameplay has a lot in common with Rogue and other early dungeon crawls A solo character explores a monster infested multi level dungeon to grab
Apple II Game: Apple Invaders (1979 Programma Software)
   A shooting em up game that is a space invaders variant
Apple II Game: Pirates (1979 Programma Software)
   An action based strategy game where your task by the queen to defend a castle against an attack by the pirate Sir Edwin Denner This is done by using a cannon located at the top of a tower to sink the pirate s ship The game is a bit similar to an artillery game but here the player s input is
Apple II Game: Lemonade Stand (1979 Apple Computer)
   An educational simulation game where players take charge of their own lemonade business in the fictional town of Lemonsville Before the start of each business day players are given the day s weather forecast Sunny cloudy or hot and dry After receiving the weather report players take charge of
Apple II Game: Super Starwars (1979 Programma Software)
   A shooting em up game based on the original Star Wars movie The game is played from a first person perspective and the player moves a crosshair over the screen in an attempt to shoot down all the imperial fighters There are enemies in total and they will fly towards the player two at a time