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Real Python : Podcast
20  mai     12h00
Advantages of Protobuf for Serialization in Python
   Would you like a way to send structured serialized data between different platforms and languages What if the data was self documenting could automatically generate Python code and would validate itself This week on the show Liran Haimovitch talks about protocol buffers and communicating with
13  mai     12h00
Start Testing Your Python with doctest & Pagination in Django
   Did you know you can add testing to your Python code while simultaneously documenting it Using docstrings you can create examples of how your functions should interact in a Python REPL and test them with the built in doctest module This week on the show Christopher Trudeau is here bringing
06  mai     12h00
Run Python in a Browser With Pyodide & The Power of f-Strings
   Have you heard about the projects working toward getting Python to run in the browser Maybe you would like to try it out for yourself by building an interactive Python REPL with Pyodide and WebAssembly WASM This week on the show Christopher Trudeau is here and he x s brought another batch
22  avril     12h00
Type-Safe ORM With Prisma Client & Real Python at PyCon US 2022
   Are you using an Object Relational Mapper ORM for your Python projects What if it could work with SQL or No SQL databases and be fully type safe This week on the show Robert Craigie talks about Prisma Client Python
15  avril     12h00
Class Constructors & Pythonic Image Processing
   Do you know the difference between creating a class instance and initializing it Would you like an interactive tour of the Python Pillow library This week on the show Christopher Trudeau is here and he x s brought another batch of PyCoder x s Weekly articles and projects
08  avril     12h00
Creating Better Error Messages for Python 3.10 & 3.11
   What goes into creating those enhanced error messages in the latest versions of Python How does the new PEG parser help to pinpoint where errors have occurred This week on the show Pablo Galindo Salgado talks about the work that goes into creating these improvements
01  avril     12h00
Building a Hash Table in Python and Thoughtful REST API Design
   Do you understand how a hash table works What if you could learn about building one while practicing test driven development What are best practices when designing a REST API This week on the show Christopher Trudeau is here and he x s brought another batch of PyCoder x s Weekly articles
25  mars     12h00
Becoming More Effective at Manipulating Data With Pandas
   Do you wonder if you x re taking the right approach when shaping data in pandas Is your Jupyter workflow getting out of hand This week on the show Matt Harrison talks about his new book Effective Pandas Patterns for Data Manipulation
18  mars     12h00
Making Your Notebook Interactive and Using Python's Assert
   Would you like to build visualizations that allow your audience to play with data How do you effectively use Python x s assert statement during development This week on the show Christopher Trudeau is here and he x s brought another batch of PyCoder x s Weekly articles and projects
11  mars     12h00
Tools for Setting Up Python on a New Machine
   There are many ways to get Python installed on your computer If you were going to start fresh what tools would you use What if you need to manage multiple versions of Python and virtual environments What about all the additional tools that make your coding workflow complete This week on the
04  mars     12h00
Defining Optional Arguments and Moving Beyond Beginner Python
   How do you define Python functions that accept optional arguments or default values Are you wondering how to go beyond being a beginner with Python This week on the show Christopher Trudeau is here and he x s brought another batch of PyCoder x s Weekly articles and projects
25  février     12h00
OAuth 2 and Authentication Choices for Your Python Project
   Have you thought about what authentication system you want to use for your Python project Should you use an existing Python library or a third party service This week on the show Dan Moore is here to talk about authentication systems and OAuth
18  février     12h00
Drawing Fractals With Python and Working With a Weather API
   Have you been wanting to explore fractals and complex numbers in Python Would you like to practice working with APIs in Python through a new project This week on the show Christopher Trudeau is here and he x s taking on the task of curating new issues of PyCoder x s Weekly going forward
11  février     12h00
Improving Your Django and Python Developer Experience
   How often have you thought about your Developer Experience DX How do you improve your workflow find documentation and simplify code formatting This week on the show Adam Johnson is here to talk about his new book Boost Your Django DX
04  février     12h00
Manipulating and Analyzing Audio in Python
   Would you like to experiment with analyzing or manipulating audio with Python This week on the show we have Braden Riggs from DolbyIO to discuss extracting audio features and Python libraries for reshaping audio Braden shares techniques from his recent talk at PyData Global Unlocking More From
28  janvier     12h00
What Is a JIT and How Can Pyjion Speed Up Your Python?
   How can you can speed up Python Have you thought of using a JIT Just In Time Compiler This week on the show we have Real Python author and previous guest Anthony Shaw to talk about his project Pyjion a drop in JIT compiler for CPython
21  janvier     12h00
Designing for Users and Building a Social Network With Django
   Are you looking for a project to practice your Django skills Designing the fundamental interactions of a social network is an instructive way to explore models and relationships while learning advanced Django skills This week on the show we talk with previous guest Martin Breuss about his new
14  janvier     12h00
Launching Python, Virtual Environments, and Locking Dependencies With Brett Cannon
   Would you like a simple command to launch your Python programs using the newest version of the language installed on your machine This week on the show we continue our conversation with Brett Cannon Brett discusses his project the Python Launcher for Unix
07  janvier     12h00
Continuing to Unravel Python's Syntactic Sugar With Brett Cannon
   A year ago we had Brett Cannon on the show to discuss his blog series about unravelling Python x s syntactic sugar Brett has written more entries in the series and he returns to the show this week to continue our conversation We dive into unravelling x async x and
24  décembre     12h00
2021 Real Python Articles Wrap Up
   It x s been a year of change at Real Python The Real Python team has written edited curated illustrated and produced a mountain of Python articles this year We also added many new members to the team updated the site x s features and created new styles of tutorials and projects
17  décembre     12h00
A Python Journey: Cyber Security, Automating AWS, and TDD
   The Python community continually grows with many users coming from different languages and backgrounds This week on the show we talk with developer Hugh Tipping about his Python journey Hugh is also a member of the Real Python community
10  décembre     12h00
Solving Advent of Code Puzzles With Python
   Are you ready to break open the first days of puzzles from the annual Advent of Code challenge Advent of Code is an advent calendar of twenty five programming puzzles published each December Practicing solving puzzles is a great way to build your Python skills This week on the show we have
03  décembre     12h00
Discussing Type Hints, Protocols, and Ducks in Python
   There seem to be three kinds of Python developers those unaware of type hints or have no opinion ones that embrace them and others who have an allergic reaction at the mention of them Python is famously a dynamically typed language but there are advantages to adding type hints to your code
19  novembre     12h00
Building a Content Aggregator and Working With RSS in Python
   Have you wanted to work with RSS feeds in Python Maybe you x re looking for a new project to build for your portfolio that uses Django unit tests and custom commands This week on the show we have Real Python author Ricky White to talk about his recent step by step project titled Build a
12  novembre     12h00
The Legacy of OLPC and Charismatic Pitfalls in Teaching Programming
   Do you remember the One Laptop Per Child program What went wrong and what can we learn from the program x s failure What are the potential pitfalls of charismatic technology and how can we avoid them when introducing students to programming This week on the show former guest Al Sweigart
05  novembre     12h00
Exploring Django Templates, Tags, and Filters
   Are you getting the most out of the Django framework It x s a powerful web framework if you x re not interested in reinventing the wheel Django includes a useful template system with inheritance for composing reusable HTML This week on the show we have previous guest and Real Python
29  octobre     12h00
Creating and Manipulating PDFs in Python With borb
   Have you wanted to generate PDFs from your Python project Many of the current libraries require designing the document down at the pixel level Would you be interested in a tool that lets you specify the page layout while it handles the specific details of laying out the text This week on the
22  octobre     12h00
Ready to Publish Your Python Packages?
   Are you interested in sharing your Python project with the broader world Would you like to make it easily installable using pip How do you create Python packages that share your code in a scalable and maintainable way This week on the show Real Python author and former guest Dane Hillard
15  octobre     12h00
Welcoming the CPython Developer in Residence
   Earlier this year the Python Software Foundation announced the creation of the Developer in Residence role The first Visionary Sponsors of the PSF have provided funding for this new role for one year What development responsibilities does this job address This week on the show we talk to
08  octobre     12h00
Exploring the New Features of Python 3.10
   Python is here This week on the show two former guests and Real Python authors return to talk about the new version Geir Arne Hjelle x s article was posted to the site Monday and it x s titled Python Cool New Features for You to Try Christopher Trudeau x s video course
01  octobre     12h00
Make Your Python App Interactive With a Text User Interface (TUI)
   Have you wanted to create a Python application that goes further than a command line interface You would like it to have a friendly interface but don x t want to make a GUI Graphical User Interface or web application Maybe a TUI Text User Interface would be a perfect fit for the project
24  septembre     12h00
Measuring Your Python Learning Progress
   Where are you along the path of learning Python Do you feel like you x re making progress What are ways you can put the learning path into a more precise focus This week on the show we talk with previous guest Martin Breuss about his recent article How Long Does It Take to Learn Python
17  septembre     12h00
Learning Python Through Illustrated Stories
   Are you a visual learner Does it help to have programming concepts shared with concrete examples and images Would you like to see if your child might be interested in programming This week on the show we talk with author Shari Eskenas about her books A Day in Code Python Learn to Code in
10  septembre     12h00
Advantages of Completing Small Python Projects
   Are you a beginner or intermediate Python programmer who has made it through some of the fundamentals Have you tried to tackle a big project but got stuck and frustrated Completing some small projects might be the answer This week on the show we have author Al Sweigart and talk about his new
03  septembre     12h00
Harnessing Python's math Module and Exposing Practical Pandas Functions
   How well do you know Python x s math module Maybe you x ve used a few of the constants or arithmetic functions You may be surprised by the amount of functionality hiding within this built in library and perhaps you don x t need to reach for an additional outside library This week on
27  août     12h00
Building With CircuitPython & Constraints of Python for Microcontrollers
   Can you make a version of Python that fits within the memory constraints of a microcontroller and have it still feel like Python That is the intention behind CircuitPython This week on the show we have Scott Shawcroft who is the project lead for CircuitPython
20  août     12h00
Python's Assignment Expressions and Fixing a Botched Release to PyPI
   Have you started to use Python x s assignment expression in your code Maybe you have heard them called the walrus operator Now that the controversy over the introduction in Python has settled down how can you use assignment expressions effectively in your code This week on the show
13  août     12h00
Supporting Python Open Source Projects and Maintainers
   How do you define open source software What are the challenges an open source project and maintainers face How do maintainers receive financial legal security or other types of help This week on the show we have Josh Simmons from Tidelift and the Open Source Initiative to help answer these
06  août     12h00
Starting With FastAPI and Examining Python's Import System
   Have you heard of FastAPI An application programming interface is vital to make your software accessible to users across the internet FastAPI is an excellent option for quickly creating a web API that implements best practices This week on the show David Amos is back and he x s brought
30  juillet     12h00
Start Using a Debugger With Your Python Code
   Are you still sprinkling print statements throughout your code while writing it Print statements are often clunky and offer only a limited view of the state of your code Have you thought there must be a better way This week on the show we have Nina Zakharenko to discuss her conference talk
23  juillet     12h00
What Can You Do With Python and Counting Objects Using Counter
   How is Python being used today and what can you do with the language Do you want to develop software dive into data science and math automate parts of your job and digital life or work with electronics This week on the show David Amos is back and he x s brought another batch of
16  juillet     12h00
Planning a Faster Future at the Python Language Summit
   Do you wonder what the future may hold for the Python language Are there speed improvements coming soon What if you could be in the room while the core developers discuss Python x s future This week on the show we have Joanna Jablonski who was invited to the Python Language Summit as a
09  juillet     12h00
Exploring the functools Module and Complex Numbers in Python
   Are you ready to expand your Python knowledge into the intermediate to advanced territory What tools are awaiting your discovery inside Python x s functools module This week on the show David Amos is back and he x s brought another batch of PyCoder x s Weekly articles and projects
02  juillet     12h00
Securing Your Python Software Supply Chain With Dustin Ingram
   How well do you know your software supply chain When you PIP install a package what steps can you take to minimize the risk of installing something malicious This week on the show we have Dustin Ingram a director of the Python Software Foundation PSF and a maintainer of the Python Package
25  juin     12h00
Practicing Python With CSV Files and Extracting Values With filter()
   Are you ready to practice your Python skills some more There is a new set of practice problems prepared for you to tackle and this time they x re based on working with CSV files This week on the show David Amos is back and he x s brought another batch of PyCoder x s Weekly articles
18  juin     12h00
Expanding the International Python Community With the PSF
   The popularity of Python is continuing to grow Developers across the globe are embracing the language How is Python being used in all of these different countries How does an organization like the Python Software Foundation PSF work toward the goals in its mission statement for supporting and
11  juin     12h00
Detecting Deforestation With Python & Using GraphQL With Django and Vue
   Are you looking for an in depth data science project to practice your skills on Perhaps you would like to add new tools to your Python web development projects instead This week on the show David Amos is back and he x s brought another batch of PyCoder x s Weekly articles and projects
04  juin     12h00
Create Web Applications Using Only Python With Anvil
   What if you could create an application and deploy it to the web with just Python Wouldn x t it be nice to skip the additional full stack development steps of learning three different languages in addition to Python That x s the idea behind Anvil This week on the show we have Meredydd
28  mai     12h00
Selecting the Ideal Data Structure & Unravelling Python's pass and with
   How do you know you x re using the correct data structure for your Python project There are so many built into Python and even more that are importable from the collections module This week on the show David Amos is back and he x s brought another batch of PyCoder x s Weekly articles
21  mai     12h00
Scaling Data Science and Machine Learning Infrastructure Like Netflix
   Would you move your data science project from a laptop to the cloud Would you also like to have snapshots of your project saved along the way so that you can go back in time or share the state of your project with another team member This week on the show we have Savin Goyal from Netflix Savin