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09  décembre     06h38
Israel’s murder of Palestinian author Dr. Refaat al-Ar’eer sparks global outrage
   The targeted bombing of Prof. Refaat al Ar’eer by the US backed Israel Defense Forces is a warning to workers and youth throughout the world that non violent opposition to genocide will not be tolerated.
Helen visited the Ruhr area in Germany, where workers still today remember her very well
   We are publishing here the tribute to Helen Halyard given by Marianne Arens, a longstanding member of the Trotskyist movement in Germany and member of the National Committee of the Sozialistische Gleichheitspartei Socialist Equality Party .
If we were going to ask Helen serious questions, we were going to get serious answers
   We are publishing here the tribute to Helen Halyard given by Bryan Dyne on behalf of the Party kids. Bryan is a science writer for the WSWS.
US special counsel announces federal indictment of Hunter Biden, alleging 9 tax law violations
   Hunter Biden, the year old son of President Joe Biden, was charged Thursday by a federal grand jury on nine counts related to his failure to file and pay taxes between and , and for filing false tax returns in .
Australian students speak out at school strike against Israel’s genocide against Gaza
   Governments around the world are not for the people. It is disheartening to see thousands coming out into the streets in Australia, but the government doesn’t listen.
Minnesota Nurses Association fires staffer for pro-Palestinian statements
   The MNA’s termination of Singh expresses the broader political role of the trade unions to prop up the pro war Democratic Party and suppress the growing opposition of workers to the economic and political situation.
Australian school students strike against Gaza genocide, but pseudo-left advance dead end of protest politics
   The pseudo left organisers of the school strikes, including Socialist Alternative and Socialist Alliance, are seeking to suppress discussion of the fundamental issues of political perspective required to halt the genocide and war.
Australian state Labor governments threaten school teachers over Palestine solidarity actions
   Labor governments, their Departments of Education, Zionist organisations and the corporate media have worked to whip up a frenzied atmosphere of intimidation, including through false allegations of antisemitism.
Australia: A revealing bipartisan parliamentary love fest
   On the floor of parliament, Prime Minister Anthony Albanese blurted out something about the private conversations that he and Opposition leader Peter Dutton conduct constantly behind the backs of the population.
Protesters in the Philippines denounce Israel’s genocide in Gaza
   While many people across the Philippines are repulsed by the barbaric crimes taking place in Gaza, petty bourgeois layers in the country are working to derail the protest movement that has emerged.
New COVID variant JN.1 fuels eighth wave of mass infection in the US
   The sudden emergence of JN. as its own distinct variant marks the fourth time that the CDC has deliberately concealed the emergence of a new, dangerous variant from the American and world population.
SEP (US) National Secretary Joe Kishore addresses Centenary of Trotskyism public meeting at Sri Lanka’s Peradeniya University
   It is impossible to develop an orientation in any particular country based on the national peculiarities of that country, Kishore told the meeting.
Wayne State University Board of Governors snubs students protesting Gaza genocide
   The Board of Governors, packed with trade union officials and leading Democratic Party operatives, refused to take up a Student Senate resolution calling for the university to divest from companies complicit in Gaza genocide.
Washington Post staff wage 24-hour strike to oppose low salaries and corporate restructuring
   The strike emerges against a backdrop of growing crisis in the news media industry and within the economy more broadly.
Quebec public sector strike wave swells, as 420,000-member Common Front launches seven-day strike
   In opposing real wage cuts and the dismantling and privatization of public services, the Quebec public sector workers are challenging the class war agenda of the entire ruling class in Quebec and throughout Canada.
Workers evacuated from future Toyota electric battery production mega-site in North Carolina after being overcome by fumes
   Severe illness and hospitalizations of numerous workers expose the indifference to workers’ safety at the top levels of the project.
Facing over 17 million budget shortfall, Michigan school district could lay off up to 100 workers
   Wayne Westland Community Schools District recently uncovered a million budget hole, leaving the district on the edge of a state takeover.
The divisive role of the GDL rail union leadership
   The policy of social partnership has turned all trade unions into an auxiliary police force for the corporations and government. What the GDL union sells as a clever ploy to wrest higher wages for train drivers in the face of staff shortages actually amounts to dividing rail workers.
Thousands in Guernica, Spain draw link between 1937 fascist bombings and Gaza genocide
   Several thousand people in Guernica formed an enormous mosaic with their bodies to protest the genocide in Gaza.
08  décembre     22h20
Workers Struggles: Asia, Australia and the Pacific
   India: Maharashtra childcare workers on indefinite strike; Pakistani doctors in government hospitals on strike over sackings; Australia: Virgin Airlines cabin crews ready to strike for pay rise; Regional public transport rail workers in Victoria to walk out on Monday
Turkish President ErdoÄ an’s links to ongoing trade with Israel exposed
   As ErdoÄ an continues to condemn Israel’s genocide in Gaza, it has been exposed that his own son and his party members are involved in the critical trade he has allowed to continue with Israel.
UK pupils and students protest during day of action against Israel’s onslaught on Gaza
   School, college and university students walked out of classes across Britain on Thursday, in opposition to Israel’s onslaught in Gaza. In the capital, around protested in Whitehall, across the road from Downing Street.
Trump threatens dictatorship, but Genocide Joe is no alternative
   The threat of a personalist Trump dictatorship is now being acknowledged by the Democrats and the corporate media, but they offer no way out of the crisis of American capitalism except imperialist war.
Stellantis announces 3,680 layoffs at Detroit and Toledo Jeep plants, as automakers escalate job cuts under new UAW contracts
   Stellantis has announced that it will cut as many as, jobs at its Detroit Assembly Complex Mack and, jobs at the Toledo Assembly Complex, with the layoffs coming as early as February .
Australian Nazis march through regional city as entire establishment vilifies refugees
   With a few cosmetic changes, the Nazi rally could have been called by Labor or the Liberal National Coalition, both of which are engaged in a racist campaign against oppressed refugees.
Teacher, author and activist Dr. Refaat al-Ar’eer murdered in Israeli airstrike
   In his final X Twitter posts, which have gone viral globally, Dr. al Ar’eer correctly blamed the Biden administration and Democratic Party for the ongoing genocide.
Growing tensions between Ukrainian President and army leadership as staggering death toll comes into view
   Following the disastrous failure of the counteroffensive the Zelensky regime is facing a disastrous political situation as Western funding fades and internal hostilities with the military leadership escalate.
Labor government announces end of daily delivery at Australia Post
   The change is part of longstanding restructuring plans, aimed at slashing costs and transforming the publicly owned mail service into a parcel delivery business, with the ultimate goal of full or partial privatisation.
1,100 DHL Express workers launch strike at Global Superhub at Cincinnati airport
   The timing of the strike during the holiday peak season and the strategic significance of the facility creates the potential for a broader struggle to bring DHL and other logistics companies to their knees. But that requires the rank and file organize themselves independently of the union apparatus...
Helen was our comrade, friend and fighter. She was an indefatigable fighter for the working class and socialism
   We are publishing here the tribute given by Larry Porter, the assistant national secretary of the Socialist Equality Party US , to Helen Halyard.
Growing support for Sri Lankan SEP campaign against pro-government thug attack on its members
   The attack by two SLPP thugs shows the pathetic state of the ruling Wickremesinghe regime which resorts to physical violence to stop the cultivation of socialist consciousness among workers and youth. Andrei Ritsky, Young Guard of Bolshevik Leninists from the former Soviet Union.
David North sends a message to Sri Lankan SEP members attacked by pro-government thugs
   The cowardly thugs trade union bureaucrats who serve as the hirelings of the capitalist regime stupidly believe that they can intimidate our party with such reactionary tactics. In fact, they draw upon themselves the contempt of the working class.
Postdoctoral workers at Icahn School of Medicine in New York begin strike
   The strikers are demanding pay increases and wage adjustments for inflation, improved visa and financial support for international researchers, better benefits and healthcare for fellows and increased transparency on authorship and intellectual property.
Question mark raised over the world’s most important financial market
   The trillion US Treasury market, where government debt is bought and sold, forms the key foundation for the global financial system.
Australian government rams through detention and citizenship-stripping laws
   Backed by a foul witch hunt against refugees and immigrants, the Labor government and the Coalition are lurching further and further toward authoritarian methods of rule.
Venezuela claims oil-rich territory controlled by Guyana as Pentagon carries out flight operations
   While the Maduro administration is carrying out an entirely reactionary policy, US imperialism has been the main player stoking up tensions in recent years.
Helen was a true comrade, who was willing to sacrifice so much, even her life, like Tom Henehan
   The following tribute to Helen Halyard was sent by Gary Tyler, whom Helen fought tenaciously to free for decades.
How the pseudo-left covers up the UAW’s betrayal of autoworkers
   The DSA has been an integral component of the Democrats’ attempted rehabilitation of the UAW apparatus, while other pseudo left organizations are coming forward as an additional line of defense.
07  décembre     23h43
The struggle of Quebec’s 600,000 public sector workers at the crossroads
   To prevail against the big business CAQ government, workers must wrest control of their struggle from the pro capitalist union apparatuses and transform it into a unified political offensive of the entire working class against the Quebec and Canadian ruling elite’s agenda of austerity and war.
The measure of my dreams : Shane MacGowan (1957-2023)
   The Pogues were one of the finest bands of the s, infusing Irish traditional music with punk to give new voice to a young Irish diaspora. This owed very much to the poetic songwriting of Shane MacGowan.
France: Protesters denounce the escalation of Gazan genocide
   Protesters denounced the bourgeois French media’s role in promoting phony humanitarian pauses as Israeli prepared to expand its bombing campaign to justify their murderous assault on the Gazan population.
Johnson unrepentant on second day of UK COVID Inquiry questioning
   Questions focussed on Johnson’s actions from the summer of through to January . Attention was drawn repeatedly to the influence of economic concerns on government decision making.
Workers Struggles: Europe, Middle East & Africa
   Healthcare workers in Italy including doctors, nurses and midwives in hour strike over staff shortages and austerity budget; three thousand workers at Isfahan Steel Company in Iran walk out for improved pay and pay parity with other steelworkers; doctors and dentists begin stoppage in six...
Spain: Trade unions support Telefónica’s scheme to lay off a third of its workforce
   Telef nica’s announcement is part of a global offensive against telecommunications workers.
Ten years since the death of leading British Trotskyist Dave Hyland
   Ten years ago, Dave Hyland, a leading figure in the British Trotskyist movement, died on December, , at the age of . Below we republish the remarks of comrade David North to a January , , memorial meeting honouring comrade Hyland.
US and Israeli mass rape propaganda, without credible evidence, is being used to justify Gaza genocide
   The campaign over alleged mass rape is timed to coincide with the resumption of the Israeli war on Gaza, following the brief pause.
Yellow bankruptcy auction raises 1.9 billion for Wall Street
   Yellow’s asset auction raised more than enough funds to pay off its nearly . billion in debt.
Helen was the genuine article, as we say in the UK a revolutionary leader through and through
   Barbara Slaughter, the longest running active member of the International Committee of the Fourth International, paid tribute to the half century plus struggle of Comrade Helen to educate workers and young people in the international socialist principles of Trotskyism.
Biden’s Education Department expands scope of investigations into alleged antisemitism on college campuses
   Over Title VI Shared Ancestry Investigations have been initiated by the Department of Education since October .
The essence of Helen Halyard is that she was party, she was cadre
   We are publishing here the tribute to Helen Halyard given by Cheryl Crisp, the national secretary of the Socialist Equality Party of Australia, to a memorial meeting for Comrade Helen held by the Socialist Equality Party US and the International Committee of the Fourth International on Sunday,...