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22  juin     04h48
In podcast interview, Bernie Sanders boosts embattled UAW president and Biden surrogate Shawn Fain
   In a fawning podcast, aimed at propping up the Democratic Party, Biden’s election and the trade union apparatus, Sanders praised Fain for all of his success while Fain hailed Biden’s lifetime of serving people, serving others.
Letter from a retired US postal worker: One year since the heat-related death of Eugene Gates
   The anniversary of the death of Dallas letter carrier Eugene Gates is all the more relevant given the heat wave which is currently affecting much of the United States and the world.
As temperatures soar, governments abandon pledges to fight climate change
   Governments and corporations are abandoning their climate pledges while hundreds of millions of people suffer through record breaking heat waves.
US Supreme Court upholds Biden administration’s claim of unrestricted power to separate families
   The Supreme Court ruled that a US citizen does not have a constitutional right to challenge the State Department summary denial of a visa for her husband, one of several cases decided over the last two days as the current term approaches its end, with more than a dozen major decisions, including...
Thousands of university employees in Sri Lanka demonstrate to demand wage rise
   While the Wickremesinghe government has made clear that there will be no salary increase, the University Trade Union Joint Committee UTUJC leadership is backing away from its original demands.
US billionaires fund both candidates in the oligarchs’ election
   Campaign finance reports for May filed June with the Federal Election Commission FEC document the domination of the US presidential election, both candidates, their parties and the entire political system by rival factions of billionaire oligarchs.
With US support, Israel continues Rafah massacre
   Israel intensified its displacement, ethnic cleansing and mass murder in Rafah, the southernmost city in the Gaza Strip, on Friday, killing people in a strike on a refugee camp north of the city.
Thailand holding antidemocratic Senate election
   The complicated process to choose a new parliamentary upper house is designed to entrench the interests of traditional layers of the Thai ruling elite.
Richard Linklater’s Hit Man: A light touch, a dark problem
   Gary Johnson poses as a hired killer, using various disguises and personae, and helps prosecute dozens of people who seek out his services over the course of a number of years.
Police-military crackdown intensifies in New Caledonia as French elections loom
   Wednesday’s police raid and arrest of eleven pro independence activists in Nouméa has the hallmark of a provocation by the French state.
21  juin     23h40
War against Russia and sharing the spoils: Left Party supports Ukraine Recovery Conference
   Under conditions in which the imperialist powers are once again plunging the world into the abyss, organising genocide in the Middle East and escalating the NATO war against Russia, the Left Party stands united on the side of imperialism.
Socialist Equality Party wins warm response in Holborn and St Pancras, London
   We have to fight the capitalist ruling class which is waging the war against the Palestinians, and now they’re trying to attack Iran and Russia.
Wildfires in New Mexico kill 2, damage or destroy 1,400 structures
   As of Thursday, severe thunderstorms in the area are preventing effective containment by fire crews, and threaten even more damage due to flash floods.
For a political struggle against Canada Post and the Trudeau Liberal government Stop CUPW’s sellout of our contract struggle
   If Canada Post’s sweeping concession demands are to be successfully resisted, power must be placed back in workers’ hands through the establishment of a network of rank and file committees.
Workers Struggles: Asia, Australia and the Pacific
   India: Punjab social health workers protest over long outstanding demands; Pakistan: Hospital nurses and doctors in Toba Tek Singh protest colleague’s arrest; Bangladeshi chemical workers in Gazipur strike over unpaid wages; Australia: Endeavour Energy power distribution workers in New South Wales...
Putin launches purge of military
   Shortly after the inauguration of his fifth term as President in late April, Vladimir Putin has initiated a far reaching purge of the military leadership.
Death toll from global heat wave climbs as 1,000 die from extreme heat in Mecca
   Extreme heat events are becoming more common and more extreme as climate change warms the planet
The lessons of the University of California strike and the way forward to stop war and state repression
   The significance of the strike, and the police state measures used to end it, are that they anticipate an even broader and more explosive confrontation between the working class, which is being forced to pay the cost of war, and American and world imperialism.
Macron’s threat of dictatorship and the treachery of France’s New Popular Front
   Workers cannot fight war and police state rule under the control of the New Popular Front and its allied trade union bureaucracies, who are signaling their support for war against Russia.
Construction union threats against Australian Football League have nothing to do with workers’ interests
   The CFMEU’s crude stunt has nothing to do with the interests of construction workers or the broader working class.
Amazon Prime reverses itself on censorship of poster for Full Metal Jacket
   Actor Matthew Modine’s public criticism forced the corporate giant to give way in suppressing anti war sentiment.
Putin meets North Korea’s Kim for summit as US, NATO threats of global war grow
   The Putin Kim summit was a response to the attempts of the US and NATO to link the proxy conflict in Ukraine to a war drive in the Indo Pacific.
Moves to change Selective Service rules in the US prompt outpouring of opposition to reintroduction of the draft
   Last week, the House of Representatives voted to make enrollment in the US Selective Service database automatic, prompting a flood of worried statements by young people and parents on social media about the reimposition of the draft.
Johnson administration evicts migrant families from Chicago shelters while promoting reparations
   Mayor Brandon Johnson’s day shelter limit has led to a vast increase in homelessness among migrants as the Democratic Party carries out attacks on immigration.
Amid the widening auto jobs bloodbath, exposures of further UAW corruption fuels rank-and-file anger
   Stellantis CEO Carlos Taveres has outlined plans for savage cost cutting, as UAW apparatus is more and more exposed as a corrupt management tool.
Philippine ruling elite whips up anti-China campaign to justify alignment with US war plans
   The vicious and racist campaign is designed to justify the fact that the US is turning the Philippines into a base for launching a war against China and to demonize anti war sentiment.
US Surgeon General and Democrats launch campaign against youth access to social media and smartphones
   Dr. Vivek Murthy launched a campaign calling for a health warning label requirement to be imposed on social media platforms by Congress.
This is intolerable : US workers face scorching temperatures without protection during heat dome
   With more than million Americans currently affected by high temperatures, working conditions are becoming dangerous across the country.
IYSSE secures representation in Humboldt University student parliament for 10th time with record result of 7.7 percent and 5 seats
   The political significance of the IYSSE’s strong election result extends far beyond the campus of Humboldt University. At HU, the extremely acute situation in Germany and internationally finds concentrated expression.
France’s neo-fascist National Rally endorses NATO war against Russia
   National Rally President Jordan Bardella is aligning his party with NATO’s well advanced plans for a monumentally reckless military escalation against Russia.
Political upheaval in Fiji after MPs vote themselves huge pay rises
   The grubby dispute over MPs’ salary hikes further exposes the vast gulf that separates Fiji’s venal and corrupt ruling elite from the mass of ordinary people.
Name names Canada’s anti-China foreign interference furor reaches new McCarthyite frenzy
   From the outset, the spy agency incited furor over foreign interference has served as a means to poison public opinion against China and push official politics and government policy sharply further right.
20  juin     23h24
Ford Valencia and Spain’s UGT bureaucracy launch another round of jobs cuts
   Ford Spain has announced a new Redundancy Scheme ERE at its Almussafes plant, Valencia, which aims to cut, jobs, a third of the current workforce.
New York City schools chancellor removes pro-Palestine parent from education committee
   David Banks, the Chancellor of Schools in New York City removed Tajh Sutton, a well known education advocate and parent leader in New York City from her elected role as president of Community Education Council in Brooklyn for her opposition to Israel’s genocide in Gaza.
Thousands more jobs to be destroyed at Ford Cologne
   As in the last year, IG Metall and its works council representative are preparing a few hollow protests. At the same time, behind the backs of the workforce, they are conspiring with management to implement a jobs massacre.
Mass protests against Kenyan President Ruto’s IMF-dictated Finance Bill
   Cutting across the tribal divides that the Kenyan ruling class systematically cultivates, tens of thousands demonstrated across the whole country.
Workers Struggles: Europe, Middle East & Africa
   Strikes across manufacturing sector against plant closures and layoffs in Italy; strikes and protests by municipal, oil and factory workers and retirees continue in many cities in Iran over crisis in cost of living; Kenyan clinical officers’ stoppage in Kiambu for permanent contracts and pay into...
Socialist Equality Party June 30 London election rally features international speakers
   US Presidential candidate Joseph Kishore and leading European Trotskyists Alex Lantier and Christoph Vandreier will join SEP candidates Tom Scripps and Darren Paxton to discuss the international struggle against capitalism, genocide and war and for socialism.
The destruction of public health and the growing threat of an H5N1 bird flu pandemic
   The deepening threat of a bird flu pandemic is now concentrated in the United States, where the response of the dairy industry, in collusion with the Biden administration and all responsible federal agencies, has been nothing short of criminal.
Growing COVID-19 hospitalisations in New Zealand
   The current wave of COVID is leading to increased hospitalisations and the closure of schools due to teachers constantly getting sick.
US budget office revises upwards growth of debt
   According to the update, the national debt will rise from its present level, rapidly approaching trillion, to trillion over the next ten years.
D.C. Council Democratic primary elections: Candidates fall all over themselves to promote pro-police policies
   Candidates for Washington, D.C.’s legislative branch are touting their plans to be tough on crime a clear sign of a continued rightward shift for the Democratic Party.
Democrats nominate Eugene Vindman, ex-Army colonel and Ukraine war advocate, for Virginia congressional seat
   The selection of Vindman underscores the political fact that imperialist war is the central focus of the Democratic Party campaign in .
Strong response to SEP IYSSE meeting on Sri Lankan university workers’ strike
   Dehin Wasantha urged his striking non academic colleagues to form action committees and reach out to other sections of the working class in a unified struggle against the government’s austerity measures.
UN inquiry concludes Israeli army is one of the most criminal armies in the world
   The official United Nations inquiry into violations of international law by Israel in Palestine submitted its findings yesterday, accusing Israeli leaders of war crimes and crimes against humanity, including the extermination of Palestinians in the ongoing genocide in Gaza.
Chinese Premier Li visits Australia to counter US-led war drive but leaves with no concessions
   Despite talk of a thaw and normalisation of relations, the talks resulted in very little as the Australian Labor government remains fully committed to a US military build up preparing for war with China.
Baseball great and cultural icon Willie Mays dies at 93
   On Tuesday night, baseball great Willie Howard Mays III died at the age of at an assisted care facility in Northern California. Mays was unquestionably among the greatest world athletes of the twentieth century.
A totally preventable catastrophe : Families of two Chicago construction workers initiate lawsuits after one dies, another critically injured
   The families of two construction workers have initiated lawsuits after one died and another was listed in critical condition, after they fell down nine stories at a construction site at the University of Chicago medical campus.
Deadly heat dome to sit over Eastern half of the US through Sunday
   A heat dome stretching across the Mideast, Mid Atlantic and Northeast has brought record breaking and increasingly dangerous temperatures of nearly FËs or more to tens of millions of people, who will be under a heat advisory through Sunday.
Collision between Chinese and Philippine vessels in South China Sea brings war tensions in the region to a breaking point
   Tensions in the South China Sea, as in much of the world, are at a fever pitch. Washington is goading the Philippines into provoking war with China.