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30  mai     01h54
Ochsner Health lays off nearly 800 in Louisiana and Mississippi
   In a mass email sent May Ochsner Health CEO Peter November announced the layoff of employees approximately percent of Ochsner s workforce
Indiana Medical Board reprimands OB-GYN physician who spoke about providing medical abortion for 10-year-old rape victim
   Last Thursday Indiana s Medical Licensing Board fined and reprimanded Dr Caitlin Bernard on false allegations that she violated her patient s privacy
Introduction to Lawrence Porter’s Marcus Garvey and the Reactionary Logic of Racialist Politics
   Mehring Books is pleased to announce the publication of Marcus Garvey and the Reactionary Logic of Racialist Politics by Lawrence Porter assistant national secretary of the Socialist Equality Party US
Ukrainian nationalists refuse to speak at New York literary festival with Russian authors
   In a display of far right anti Russian chauvinism three Ukrainian writers refused to give a presentation at the PEN America World Voices festival if the festival also sponsored a panel with three Russian writers
29  mai     23h52
Floods and landslides in Italy: a man-made disaster
   Added to the neglect of infrastructure is the utter indifference with which capitalist government politicians approach climate change
US Supreme Court guts wetlands protections
   The far reaching ruling by the ultra right majority seeks to dismantle years of environmental regulations
Mexico cracks down on migrants, performing Washington’s dirty work at the border
   Mexico is closing migrant shelters and busing migrants from its northern border to its southern and interior states while threatening those who continue to the north with deportation
Pentagon sending troops to train Peruvian coup regime’s killers
   The US trainers are being sent after multiple bodies have charged the regime and its security forces with massacres and extra judicial executions
Australian Labor government rolls out red carpet for fascistic Indian PM Modi
   In a stark demonstration of imperialist hypocrisy as part of their confrontation with autocratic China the US and its allies are embracing the autocrat of New Delhi
In Sydney, Australia, David North and Evan Blake launch two critical books on Trotsky and the pandemic
   North noted that terms associated with Trotsky s work such as the death agony of capitalism world socialist revolution the globalisation of the class struggle the bankruptcy of the bourgeois nation state are eminently applicable to our own time
Oppose Sri Lankan government’s privatisation of state enterprises Build workers’ action committees to fight for jobs and wages
   The working class can only halt the IMF s savage austerity measures by mobilising its independent political and industrial strength to bring down the Wickremesinghe regime
Henry Kissinger and the crimes of American imperialism
   The former secretary of state is identified with an endless list of atrocities perpetrated by American imperialism
Tina Turner (1939-2023): A performer of great power and universal appeal
   For decades American singer Tina Turner was one of the most universally beloved performers of popular music Her career lasted from the late s when she was still in high school into the s more than years
Spanish right sweeps regional elections as Podemos vote collapses
   The right carried every major city in Spain except Barcelona as voters abandoned the Socialist Party and Podemos who have imposed reactionary policies during their three years in office
A Modern Metternich: Henry Kissinger, imperialism’s intellectual servant
   This essay by David North was originally published on March in The Bulletin the weekly newspaper of the Workers League predecessor of the Socialist Equality Party US
27 gold miners perish in Peru
   The May fire of the Esperanza gold mine in the Arequipa region in southwestern Peru killed miners meters below ground
ErdoÄ an wins reelection in Turkish presidential elections
   ErdoÄ an kept his seat thanks to the bankruptcy of the bourgeois opposition but he is heading for a clash with the working class amid NATO s war on Russia
Amazon workers plan walkout at Seattle headquarters on May 31
   The Washington Post reported last week that as many as workers at the Amazon corporate offices in Seattle are planning to walk off the job on Wednesday May to protest the ongoing attacks on jobs and working conditions at the trillion company
Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton impeached by state House of Representatives on corruption charges
   A sharp crisis has broken out at the highest levels of the Republican Party with the abrupt suspension and removal of Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton who was impeached by the Texas House of Representatives on Saturday for corruption and abuse of power
US truckers at ABF vote to strike as contract negotiations with Yellow and UPS continue
   The upcoming contract expiration at UPS is a critical factor in the talks at the trucking companies The bureaucracy is terrified that a strike by the truckers would galvanize hundreds of thousands of UPS workers jeopardizing their plans to force through a sellout at the logistics giant
Biden-McCarthy debt ceiling deal attacks social programs to pay for war
   It must be stressed that the cuts contained in the deal announced by Biden and McCarthy are not one off measures Rather they mark an inflection point in the decades long attack on the social conditions and living standards of the working class
With Alberta election, Canada’s political elite lurches still further right
   The union backed NDP has run a thoroughly right wing campaign aimed at convincing the ruling class that they are a safer pair of hands than far right ideologue Smith and her United Conservative Party
This week in history: May 29-June 4
   This column profiles important historical events which took place during this week years ago years ago years ago and years ago
A new interpretation regarding the origin of Homo sapiens
   Our species Homo sapiens evolved not from a single local population but from a broadly distributed stem of genetically and culturally interacting populations
28  mai     23h45
Mount Sinai Hospital in New York assessed token fine for persistent understaffing
   The discounted penalty that an arbitrator imposed on the renowned hospital will provide little compensation to nurses and fail to improve nurse to patient ratios
11-year-old Mississippi boy shot by police after calling emergency services
   In the early morning hours on May an unarmed and harmless year old boy was shot in his Mississippi home by a police officer
Global crisis in early years childcare highlighted by report
   The authors describe a global early years crisis in which children are being deprived of education and care in their most formative years due to the spiralling cost of nursery and preschool fees
27  mai     05h04
Jacobin backs KiliçdaroÄ lu’s reactionary campaign in Turkish elections
   Pseudo left groups support KiliçdaroÄ lu for his bitter hostility to the developing movement in the working class and his support for the NATO war on Russia
Australia: 95-year-old Clare Nowland dies after police tasering
   Born in Nowland lived through the Great Depression World War II and more than three years of the COVID pandemic but did not survive an encounter with NSW Police
ErdoÄ an runs phony anti-imperialist populist campaign in Turkish elections
   ErdoÄ an can posture as an anti imperialist and a friend of working people and refugees thanks to the political bankruptcy of his rival Kemal KÄ lÄ çdaroÄ lu
Russian fascist with ties to leading German neo-Nazis led Ukrainian-backed incursion of Russia
   The incursion provides an object lesson in the character of the war waged by NATO against Russia
Germany launches police-state crackdown on climate protesters
   According to the authorities raids were carried out on a total of buildings in seven federal states The actions recalled the darkest period in German history
Transatlantic: The plight of artists and intellectuals fleeing the Nazis in 1940
   One of the most remarkable collections of political and cultural figures ever assembled reduced by the defeats of the working class to a wretched condition is gathered in Marseille
Australian war crimes whistleblower David McBride demands freedom for Julian Assange
   Assange faces life behind bars for revealing war crimes in Iraq and Afghanistan as a publisher McBride could be jailed indefinitely for exposing the same atrocities as a whistleblower
60 Minutes exposé reveals massive Pentagon price-gouging
   The scale of the criminality revealed by the TV program prompted senators from both parties to announce an investigation into the Pentagon
Berlin police open criminal investigation aimed at silencing Roger Waters
   The State Security Department at the Berlin State Criminal Police Office has announced that a criminal investigation has been initiated against Roger Waters for incitement of hatred for dressing in a Nazi like uniform during his recent concerts in the capital city of Germany
Car haulers remained locked out at a CSX railhead facility
   The lockout occurred following a breakdown in talks on May between auto service contractor Auto Warehouse Company AWC and Local
COVID spreading through schools in Australia
   Outbreaks in New South Wales schools give an indication of the severity of a new pandemic wave across the country
What our strike is about: An open letter from the Clarios Workers Rank-and-File Committee
   This letter was issued by a group of Clarios workers in Ohio who have formed the Clarios Workers Rank and File Committee The strike by workers is nearing the end of its third week after workers rejected a second UAW backed contract
US and European powers scramble to acquire critical minerals necessary for EV vehicle production
   The US and its European and Japanese allies are trying to coordinate their increasingly nationalist protectionist measures to create a battery supply chain as an alternative to China
Video: Stellantis workers at Warren Truck Assembly Plant in Michigan support striking workers at Clarios
   This week the World Socialist Web Site spoke to autoworkers at Warren Truck outside of Detroit about the ongoing strike of Clarios workers in Ohio
Ultium Cell workers in Lordstown, Ohio support Clarios strikers: Everyone needs to stand together
   The UAW is keeping autoworkers at the Ulitium Cell factory in Lordstown Ohio in the dark about the Clarios strikers near Toledo
26  mai     23h35
Workers Struggles: Asia, Australia and the Pacific
   India Haryana municipal workers protest Philippines milk factory locks out workers UGL workers in Queensland Australia protest again New Zealand teacher unions call off strikes
Trudeau government orchestrates massive growth in partnerships between Canadian military and universities
   A critical aspect of the rapid escalation of Canadian militarism over recent years has been the co opting of major universities by the military and defence sector
Argentine pseudo-left coalition FIT-U joins section of Peronist government in a united front
   The May Federal March in Buenos Aires joined the misnamed Left and Workers Front Unity FIT U with organizations that directly belong to the Fernandez government
Royal Mail: A hedge fund that delivers parcels
   Any acceptance of the CWU s claims that Royal Mail workers and the company share a mutual interest is a road to defeat
Postal workers speak ahead of Sunday’s rank-and-file Zoom meeting: The union is in Royal Mail’s pocket
   Forced revisions have made start times later while the so called union rep stands by and lets it happen
The next escalation in the war against Russia: US sends largest warship ever constructed to Norway
   Following the announcement at last week s G meeting by the United States that it would send F fighter aircraft to Ukraine the US and its Ukrainian proxy forces have carried out a series of massively provocative actions aimed at further escalating the conflict
Autopsy reveals Detroit kindergartner Jimari Williams’ death was from Hib infection: What parents and teachers need to know
   It has finally been revealed that the six year old died of Waterhouse Friderichsen Syndrome after being infected by Haemophilus influenzae beta in an outbreak at Marcus Garvey Academy in April
Sri Lankan government’s let it rip policy produces COVID-19 surge
   Colombo continues to cover up the growing danger of a new wave of the deadly COVID while maintaining its criminal let it rip policies which place profits before human lives