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25  novembre     21h45
The Rise Of NFTs And dApps That Are Building A Home Away From Ethereum
Lawrence Wintermeyer, Contributor    The meteoric rise of the NFTs has become synonymous with the cryptocurrency space at large. If you ask the average user if they care who hosts their content or online activity today they probably won’t even know or care, as long as it works and offers a fulfilling experience.
23  novembre     13h20
N26’s US Failure: A Lesson For All Challenger Banks, Not Just Those From Europe
Ron Shevlin, Senior Contributor    Germany-based challenger bank N26 announced it will close its US operations. Some industry observers have chalked up N26’s US failure to reasons like global banking is hard, and the US is a hostile regulatory environment. That’s not it.
What Every Crypto Buyer Should Know About OpenSea, The King Of The NFT Market
Jeff Kauflin, Forbes Staff    OpenSea’s founders have found the secret sauce to creating a hot market for all sorts of NFTs and now they’re on the cusp of becoming billionaires.
Open Banking: Trustly On Taking North American Payments To New Heights
Daniel Webber, Contributor    Founded in 2008 in Sweden, Trustly has already built a significant base in the European open banking industry, but in recent years has built a strong presence in North America.
22  novembre     21h55
El Salvador’s Volcano Bond: Financial Technology Or Financial Engineering?
Jeff Gapusan, Contributor    El Salvador’s Bitcoin Bond was announced to much fanfare over the weekend. Is it Financial Technology or Financial Engineering?
Can Banks’ Relationship With FIS, Fiserv, And Jack Henry Be Fixed?
Ron Shevlin, Senior Contributor    Financial institutions are frustrated with their technology providers’ speed to market and pace of new innovations. Is it warranted? Not necessarily, according to executives from FIS, Fiserv, and Jack Henry.
21  novembre     23h33
Cities And Currencies
David G.W. Birch, Contributor    The advent of cryptocurrency is making us rethink the relationship between money and the nation state (which is, to be honest, a pretty recent arrangement in human affairs). Perhaps cities should be a nexus for money just as they are a nexus for creativity in all other walks of life.
19  novembre     18h45
Forrester Expects Banks To Invest Aggressively, But Run Into Skills Shortages
Tom Groenfeldt, Contributor    Banks are going to run into a severe shortage of the digital skills they need, and they have to compete with tech firms looking for people with the same skills.
17  novembre     14h42
Shattering The Banking Business Model To Create A Kaleidoscope Of Opportunities
Alan McIntyre, Contributor    Banks that unbundle their traditional products and partner with third parties to create and distribute new personalized customer offerings can potentially achieve breakout growth and higher market valuations. By increasing business model flexibility, they can differentiate from the competition.
The 2021 Family Office Software Roundup
Francois Botha, Contributor    As the family office landscape continues to shift, understanding and selecting the products that will work for a family office both now and in the future has become a top priority.
DeFi Matures As Innovative Crypto-Based Futures Issuance And Trading Rises
Lawrence Wintermeyer, Contributor    13 years following Satoshi’s whitepaper, October. 19, 2021, became yet another historic landmark in bitcoin’s journey. Following the launch of the first-ever bitcoin futures ETF ( BITO). Such developments may bring the sustainability of DeFi into question - Is it all speculative hype?
16  novembre     17h04
Brave Adds Crypto Wallet, NFTs, DApps Natively In Browser
John Koetsier, Senior Contributor    Brave is known for building a privacy-safe browser and has long let users of its desktop and mobile apps earn cryptocurrency for watching ads. But now the company is doubling down on crypto and adding a full built-in native cryptocurrency wallet to the browser.
How A Carbon Capital Gains Tax Can Curb Emissions
Sarah Keohane Williamson, Contributor    Despite being the preferred choice of economists worldwide for years, current carbon taxes have proven difficult to implement.
Tappit Is Helping Teams Bring Consumers Into The Digital World By Eliminating Analog Anonymity
Eric Fuller, Contributor    Jason Thomas, CEO of Tappit spent the better part of an hour explaining to me how ridiculous it is that a team where he had attended games for 40 years would send him generic offers while he is in their facility.
15  novembre     13h00
Americans’ Shadow Financial Lives: Why Banks Don’t Know Jack (Or Jill)
Ron Shevlin, Senior Contributor    It’s not uncommon for today’s Gen Zers and Millennials to do business with 30 to 40 financial providers. The irony and new reality of this: In our quest for more convenience in our financial lives, our financial lives have become more complex to manage.
11  novembre     17h24
Is Cryptocurrency A New Way To Pay Or A New Way To Invest?
Bob Legters, Contributor    A manic market has been driving cryptocurrency since Bitcoin was introduced twelve years ago. While crypto values have experienced wild swings wider adoption of crypto will likely have a significant influence on investing and spending in the future.
NFT Craze, Cryptocurrency Boom Mint Korea’s First Two Billionaires From Crypto Industry
John Kang, Forbes Staff    Song Chi-hyung and Kim Hyoung-nyon are the two largest shareholders in Dunamu, which operates Upbit, South Korea’s dominant cryptocurrency exchange.
Crypto Advertisements Are Everywhere: The Consumer Isn’t A Moron
Lawrence Wintermeyer, Contributor    People don’t need mainstream media, financial pundits, or governments to tell them what crypto is about. The sector has grown so much that leading companies in the space are launching one mass-impact ad after another. It started with FTX, and is now being continued by Gemini and
09  novembre     17h00
The Rise Of Technosocialism And Its Impact On Banking
Ron Shevlin, Senior Contributor    Technosocialism isn’t a political movement, it’s a social outcome. It resets long-term economic growth within a framework that doesn’t harm the economy but allows big government capability with strong investment in technology infrastructure that improves government productivity.
04  novembre     19h00
Credit Karma And Rapper IDK Team Up To Help Gen Z Manage Money
Ron Shevlin, Senior Contributor    Personal financial management company Credit Karma and rapper IDK are teaming up to launch a contest and YouTube show to normalize conversations about money and let Gen Z know they’re not alone in their financial journeys.
Visa Direct: Ruben Salazar On Visa’s Money Transfers Ambition
Daniel Webber, Contributor    The ultimate goal is for Visa Direct to become the de facto most efficient, secure money movement network on Earth .
Open Letter To Mark Carney - The Moral Imperative
Frank Van Gansbeke, Contributor    In your open letter in the FT, you declared that the world of finance would be judged on the 130 Trillion climate challenge. The response challenges the ambition level of the Net-Zero Banking Alliance. It offers best practice guidance, including a moral imperative, after Mottley’s COP26 speech.
03  novembre     10h46
Animoca’s Blockchain Game Unit Raises 93 Million From SoftBank Amid Race To Build Metaverse
Zinnia Lee, Forbes Staff    The Sandbox, a Hong Kong-based blockchain gaming platform owned by Animoca Brands, has raised more than 90 million in a funding round led by SoftBank Group.
02  novembre     16h31
DeFi: Who Will Build The Future Of Finance?
Jeff Gapusan, Contributor    The hype and excitement surrounding DeFi’s impact on finance and financial technology at Money 20 20 stands in stark juxtaposition to the caution raised by the President’s Working Group on Financial Markets.
How Fintech Is Saving Black-Owned Businesses
Kori Hale, Contributor    Racial Bias across the 806B Paycheck Protection Program as it relates to the Black-owned businesses is alarming. Researchers from NYU found that Black-owned businesses were 12.1 percentage points more likely to obtain their PPP loan from a fintech lender than a traditional bank.