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22  novembre     19h37
Thwarting New Security Threats In A Distributed Workforce
ServiceNow Contributor, ServiceNow    In a risky new world, educating employees and automating processes are key components of resilience.
In Success We Trust
Sam Loveland, Brand Contributor    Customer success is a critical business function and trust is what ties it all together.
19  novembre     21h14
Taking Public Services To The Next Level
John Asquith, Brand Contributor    As government agencies race to digitize, emerging tech can help.
Goodbye Repetition, Hello Hyperautomation
Dave Wright, ServiceNow    The next stage in the evolution of business is on the rise and for companies that get it right, it will be an absolute game changer.
18  novembre     19h13
Ready For Hybrid? 3 Strategies For Building A Flexible, People-Powered Workforce
ServiceNow Contributor, ServiceNow    We have a once-in-a-generation opportunity to change work forever, says Jacqui Canney, ServiceNow’s chief people officer. Read her three-pronged strategy for hybrid work success: putting people first, rethinking physical spaces and connecting your organization in the cloud.
15  novembre     19h35
People Over Profits In Finance?
Jerry Silva, Brand Contributor    New research shows financial institutions are prioritizing customer experience.
12  novembre     23h13
Legally Bold
Andrew Brereton, Brand Contributor    Automated workflows can turn your legal team into a lean, mean, high-performing machine.
How Employers Can Thrive In A Hypercompetitive Labor Market
Rick Wright, Brand Contributor    Hybrid work done right is a key differentiator in a tight labor market. So, what’s your plan?
05  novembre     23h48
5 Ways For Telecom Companies To Improve Order Management
Dario Di Bella, Brand Contributor    Communications service providers need to look at these five things if they want to make a successful implementation leap.
Governing The Future Of AI
John Asquith, Brand Contributor    Biased humans build biased algorithms. (Note: We are all biased.) These three layers of governance are critical in building ethical, effective AI.
Chatbots: Not Just For Customers Anymore
Rajeev Sethi, Brand Contributor    Employees struggle to get quick answers to a wide range of topics across multiple departments. A chatbot can fix all that.
29  octobre     18h14
Not All Threats Are Created Equal
Janene Casella, Brand Contributor    As your attack surface expands, so does the need to automate your security response.
The Good, Bad, And Ugly Of Low-Code
Earl Duque, Brand Contributor    While business leaders cheer, IT departments sneer but here’s why pro coders should embrace low-code development.
21  octobre     23h23
The Creeping Cost Of Compliance
Shakeel Lone, Brand Contributor    How financial services can manage the cost and complexity of compliance while maintaining a great experience.
15  octobre     22h05
You Down With ESG? You Oughta Be
Laura LeBleu, ServiceNow    New IDC survey shows why leaders can’t afford to ignore sustainability issues any longer.
Transformation Done Wright (Video Series)
Laura LeBleu, ServiceNow    Innovation expert Dave Wright shares his takes on low code, employee experience, and more.
The Top 5 Scariest IT Scenarios
Yoav Boaz, Brand Contributor    It’s the stuff of CIO nightmares but there’s a way to banish these IT bogeymen. Here’s how to put your IT nightmares to bed permanently.
08  octobre     19h50
How To Create A Virtuous Value Circle
Omar Almasri, Brand Contributor    Value realization is a key factor for ongoing digital transformation success.
Japan Needs A Digital Overhaul
Takeshi Higuchi, Brand Contributor    Japanese companies have been slow to adopt digital operating models. Here’s how local business leaders are stepping up.
Resilience By The Numbers (infographic)
Laura LeBleu, ServiceNow    New research shows how resilience leaders are strengthening every aspect of their organizations.
01  octobre     00h00
At The Sustainability Crossroads
Jordi Ferrer, Brand Contributor    Business leaders today have an unprecedented opportunity for change. Let’s not blow it.
What A Code Red Climate Means For Your Supply Chain
Elisha Harrington, Brand Contributor    Sustainability is priority number one for business leaders seeking stability in a turbulent environment.
24  septembre     23h25
Beware The Big, Hairy, Automation Zombie
Paul Hardy, Brand Contributor    It might not eat your brains, but it will slow you down. Here are four techniques to avoid automating bad processes.
Keep Gen Z Workers Engaged With Low-Code Apps
Gregg Aldana, Brand Contributor    Early-in-career employees make great citizen developers. That’s good news for workers and employers.
How To Scale Public Sector IT
Jonathan Alboum, Brand Contributor    How IaaS and SaaS partners expand government’s ability to serve citizens.