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22  mai     19h48
Deadline passes for officials set to be named by Sue Gray
   Officials expected to be identified in the report on No parties had until Sunday afternoon to object
Social media: Did the pandemic poison online politics?
   As the UK spent countless hours online during lockdown how much has it changed us
Crispin Blunt: MP should lose whip for Khan remarks - Labour
   Crispin Blunt should lose the whip for defending a fellow MP convicted of sex abuse Labour says
Rail unions vow to fight government strike threat
   Transport Secretary Grant Shapps claims a new law would protect shipments from disruption
21  mai     05h16
Parliament could burn down any day, says Andrea Leadsom
   Andrea Leadsom says MPs need to get on with the project to renovate the building
22  mai     19h21
NI Protocol: US has ’unwavering’ support of Good Friday Agreement
   Democrat Congressman Richard Neal is leading a congressional delegation to the UK and Ireland
21  mai     00h20
Ministers asleep at the wheel over dentist shortages, say Lib Dems
   Figures show of dentists doing NHS work are approaching retirement age
Nicola Sturgeon tests positive for Covid-19
   Scotland s first minister says her symptoms are mild and she will work from home for a few days
20  mai     14h59
Conservative MPs to talk tactics in target seat away day
   Tory sources say the party is moving on to a pre general election footing writes Ione Wells
Jamie Oliver stages Eton mess protest outside No 10
   Chef and campaigner Jamie Oliver has been protesting over delays to the government s obesity strategy
Stanley Johnson becomes French to keep link with EU
   Stanley Johnson an ex European Parliament member says becoming French is precious to him
Agent’s abused former partner in legal action against MI5
   An MI agent used his secret status to terrorise his partner a BBC investigation has found
Rishi Sunak and Akshata Murty make Sunday Times Rich List
   Chancellor Rishi Sunak and his wife make the Sunday Times Rich List for first time with m fortune
Northern Ireland: UK and EU’s row risks Western unity, top US official warns
   US state department warns against a big fight between the UK and the EU amid the Ukraine war
Lack of desk space reignites row over civil servants working from home
   Figures show the Department for Education has almost twice as many staff as operational desks
Hinkley Point C delayed by a year as cost goes up by 3bn
   The revised operating date for the Somerset site is June and is expected to cost up to bn
Irish PM says DUP cannot be allowed to block NI Assembly
   Meanwhile US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi says the UK must not discard the protocol
Street harassment law being blocked, adviser Nimco Ali says
   Nimco Ali says her plans for on the spot fines for wolf whistling and other acts received pushback
Platinum Jubilee: Eight towns to be made cities for Platinum Jubilee
   Locations including Milton Keynes Dunfermline and Wrexham will be made cities in honour of the Queen
19  mai     17h53
Boris Johnson will not face a further Partygate fine, says No 10
   Police have now ended their investigation into Covid breaches during lockdown parties in No
Channel 4 News didn’t do itself any favours, says Nadine Dorries
   The culture secretary criticises the channel s news show but says that is not why she wants to sell it off
Cost of living: Calls to bring benefit and pension rises forward
   Big increases are due next April but charities say soaring prices mean people need the money now
MP Claudia Webbe driven by obsession, appeal hearing told
   Claudia Webbe former Labour MP for Leicester East is appealing against her harassment conviction
Partygate: How did the Metropolitan Police decide who to fine?
   A total of people have been fined over events in Westminster but how were the decisions made
18  mai     22h59
Rishi Sunak warns of tough few months as inflation soars
   The chancellor says it won t be easy to tackle cost of living crisis as inflation hits year high
19  mai     10h32
Anorexia: Doctors made MS Sarah Murphy feel like a ’freak’
   Sarah Murphy says anorexia help was so bad she would not be here without her parents intervention
18  mai     09h55
How Ukraine war influenced the SNP’s Nato position
   The Russian invasion exposes tensions between the SNP and the Greens over the military alliance
Government windfall tax U-turn inevitable, says Keir Starmer
   Boris Johnson does not rule out a tax on the energy giants as he is accused of dithering by Labour
Tory MP will not attend Parliament while police investigate rape allegations, says Speaker
   Speaker Lindsay Hoyle also warns MPs against naming the Tory politician who was arrested on Tuesday
19  mai     13h39
Drug-related offences in football could mean five-year bans
   Anyone caught in possession of or supplying class A drugs in connection with football faces a five year ban and their passport being taken off them
18  mai     12h44
Tory MP Michael Fabricant condemned over ’grotesque’ tweet
   Michael Fabricant s tweet related to the arrest of another MP who is accused of rape and sexual assault
Alaa Abdel Fattah: UK urged to help jailed British-Egyptian activist
   British citizen Alaa Abdel Fattah s prison conditions are inhumane the foreign secretary is told
17  mai     22h11
Conservative Party faces questions over donation, says Labour
   Labour chair Anneliese Dodds demands answers over donation from ex Tory treasurer Sir Ehud Sheleg
18  mai     14h59
Girls see physics as for white men only, MPs told
   If you are black or a woman you don t see yourself fitting in a leading female physicist says
17  mai     16h46
Northern Ireland: Liz Truss sets out new law on post-Brexit trade deal
   The foreign secretary says the proposed legislation would make changes to the Protocol to resolve the grave situation
18  mai     11h18
Ban MPs accused of sexual offences from Parliament during police investigations, says union
   The Prospect union says members accused of sexual offences should not be allowed on the Parliamentary estate
Cost of living: Police officers ’struggling’ with low pay
   A North Wales Police detective says she has to borrow money from her mother at the end of the month
17  mai     12h05
Job vacancies outpace unemployment for first time
   The unemployment rate falls to its lowest level for nearly years between January and March
NI Troubles: Legacy bill published by the UK government
   The legislation allows legal immunity for those who work with a new information recovery body
Volunteer police officers to be armed with Taser stun guns
   The Home Office says it will ensure they are not put at a disadvantage to their paid colleagues
West Yorkshire and Devon by-elections to be held in June
   The contests have been triggered following the resignation of two sitting Conservative MPs
Obesity strategy delay immoral, shallow and weak - ex-Tory leader
   Lord Hague says the government is shallow and politically weak for delaying plans to curb obesity
MP Rachel Maclean cost of living comments prompt death threat
   Rachel Maclean s much criticised comments about workers doing more hours were taken out of context
16  mai     18h16
Parliament must not be divided by relocation, peers argue
   Peers criticise Michael Gove for proposing the temporary relocation of the Lords outside London
17  mai     09h33
Hemel Hempstead MP Sir Mike Penning to retire at next election
   Sir Mike said it was now time for a new candidate to come forward
16  mai     15h45
Help must come, says former PM John Major on cost of living crisis
   Sir John Major warns about rising prices as a minister is criticised for advocating people working more hours
Foreign aid: UK cuts funding to UN in change of strategy
   A new strategy cutting funding to the UN is more focused on trade than poverty relief charities say
Cost of living: Labour to call vote on windfall tax for oil and gas companies
   It is shameful not to raise extra money from oil and gas firms amid the rising cost of living Ed Miliband says
Energy bills shake-up plans to avoid price shocks
   Ofgem says a review every three months would allow households to benefit sooner from falling prices
15  mai     12h41
Move out of London during Parliament renovation, Michael Gove tells peers
   The levelling up secretary wants peers based outside the south of England while Parliament is renovated