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27  novembre     22h50
Covid: Travel and mask rules tightened over Omicron variant
   New measures to slow Omicron’s spread in England before Christmas are unveiled by Boris Johnson.
Covid: Two cases of new variant Omicron detected in UK
   Two people in the UK have been found to be infected with the new Covid variant, Omicron, the health secretary says.
26  novembre     16h27
Channel migrants: Emmanuel Macron and Boris Johnson clash over crisis
   The French president accuses the UK prime minister of not being serious as diplomatic row escalates.
SNP conference: Has Nicola Sturgeon delivered on her pledges?
   The SNP leader has made lots of policy pledges in her conference speeches - but have they been delivered on?
Channel migrants: Johnson under pressure to reduce small boat crossings
   Lives remain at risk, but as the crisis persists, the greater the political risks for the PM too.
27  novembre     08h23
Chris Whitty: Public would need to back more Covid curbs
   England’s chief medical officer wonders if we could take people with us if new restrictions are imposed.
26  novembre     12h40
Scotland-Northern Ireland bridge scrapped over 335bn cost
   The cost could not be justified in a UK transport review but improvements to the A1, A75 and A77 were recommended.
Keir Starmer: I haven’t spoken to Jeremy Corbyn in over a year
   The Labour leader says it is up to his predecessor to regain the party whip before the next election.
World-leading’ Down’s syndrome bill clears first hurdle in Parliament
   Liam Fox’s plan to ensure lifelong care looks set to become law in England early next year.
New Covid variant: Javid says UK must act quickly over public health risk
   The health secretary says southern African travel restrictions were imposed due to a substantial risk to health.
25  novembre     21h05
Women MPs lobby Speaker against babies in debates
   Sir Lindsay Hoyle says MPs have texted do not give in after Labour’s Stella Creasy raised the issue.
Female Doctor Who robs boys of role models, claims Tory MP
   MP Nick Fletcher suggests boys are turning to crime because male characters tend to be criminals.
26  novembre     06h30
Brexit: UK and EU to meet for more Northern Ireland Protocol talks
   They will assess whether any progress has been made in negotiations over the protocol’s operation.
SNP opens four-day virtual party conference
   The party’s deputy leader opens the conference by saying independence can be won with optimism and ambition .
Labour-Plaid deal changes thousands of lives, says Adam Price
   Plaid Cymru’s leader says the three-year agreement between the parties is in Wales’ best interests.
25  novembre     01h31
My drink was spiked on night out, says minister Mims Davies
   Mims Davies calls for tougher government action following her absolutely awful experience.
Conversion therapy: MP warns of loophole in proposed ban
   But the government insists its plans will protect LGBT people and freedom of choice.
Asylum claims to UK reach highest level in nearly 20 years
   Separate figures show net migration to the UK fell 88% last year due to Covid restrictions.
24  novembre     17h01
Boris Johnson hits back at critics over social care at stormy PMQs
   Labour’s Keir Starmer accuses the prime minister of broken promises on social care and rail investment.
25  novembre     16h43
Jersey approves principle of legalising assisted dying
   The agreement in principle means further debates on rules and safeguards will take place in Jersey.
English football ’needs independent regulator to stop lurching from crisis to crisis’
   English football needs an independent regulator to stop it lurching from crisis to crisis , says the chair of a fan-led review into the sport.
24  novembre     17h01
Nicola Sturgeon dismisses speculation about her future
   Scotland’s first minister says she intends to remain in the job for the full parliamentary term.
Brexit: UK’s NI protocol strategy successful, says Simon Coveney
   But Simon Coveney says concessions won have come at a cost of reputation and relationships.
PC Andrew Harper’s widow wins bid to change law
   Ministers back Lissie Harper’s campaign to jail those who kill on-duty police and 999 workers for life.
No babies allowed in Commons, MP Stella Creasy told
   A review of rules is called after Stella Creasy took her three-month-old into Westminster Hall.
Mark Drakeford asks PM for consultation on Covid probe
   First minister urges Boris Johnson to hold meaningful public consultation to set inquiry terms.
23  novembre     21h01
Virginity testing: MPs back ban on ’indefensible’ practice
   Health experts say the practice - which happens in at least 20 countries - violates human rights.
24  novembre     14h39
Windrush survivor: Will we get government compensation before we die?
   A report by MPs says the Home Office should be stripped of running the Windrush compensation scheme.
Rail upgrade plans dismissed as ’chaotic shambles’ by Northern leaders
   The government’s proposals are described as a shambles at a Transport for the North meeting.
School term dates changes in Wales to be considered
   Mark Drakeford says radical change is needed as the academic year dates back to the 19th Century.
Universal credit boost for workers takes effect
   Workers will get 8p more of any extra 1 earned but some claimants will be no better off.
26  novembre     09h22
Grant Shapps defends Boris Johnson’s letter to President Macron over migrant crisis
   Transport secretary defends Boris Johnson’s letter to President Macron over migrant crisis.
Covid: Javid explains travel rules for southern Africa
   The health secretary details travel restrictions brought in amid concern about a new Covid variant.
Commons Speaker ruffles Boris’ feathers on Newscast
   Sir Lindsay Hoyle brought his pet parrot Boris to a BBC Newscast interview and the bird took off.
Sir Keir Starmer: Boris Johnson disrespected CBI audience
   Sir Keir Starmer has told the BBC’s Nick Robinson he respected the occasion of the CBI conference.
25  novembre     00h02
Vagrancy: Government urged to decriminalise rough sleeping
   A group of peers are urging the government to repeal the Vagrancy Act which makes it a criminal offence to sleep rough or beg in England and Wales.
28  novembre     01h46
All-party groups: Calls for stronger anti-lobbying rules for MPs
   MPs face tighter rules on second jobs - but what about lobbying through all-party groups?
27  novembre     03h19
By-election: Tory wobbles in true blue Bexley?
   The BBC’s Ione Wells visits Old Bexley and Sidcup in south-east London ahead of the by-election.
25  novembre     17h35
North Shropshire: What to expect from an unexpected by-election
   The NHS, agriculture, universal credit and sleaze are all on the agenda for local voters.
26  novembre     18h04
Why do migrants leave France and try to cross the English Channel?
   Rising numbers of migrants are trying to cross the English Channel in small boats.
25  novembre     11h11
North Shropshire by-election 2021: The candidates standing
   People in the North Shropshire constituency head to the polls on 16 December to elect an MP.
22  novembre     12h05
Who’s standing in the Bexley by-election?
   The south-east London constituency has been without an MP since the death of James Brokenshire.
23  novembre     09h09
Social care: What could changes cost you and your family?
   MPs have backed government plans to reform social care in England, but some say they don’t go far enough.
16  novembre     16h25
Which MPs have second jobs and how much do they earn?
   Boris Johnson is proposing to ban MPs from acting as paid political consultants - Labour is also calling for a ban.
15  novembre     11h47
COP26: How might decisions at the climate summit change our lives?
   The changes made at COP26 in Glasgow could have implications for the way we live.
07  novembre     00h35
Preston council: English city hopes recovery fortunes lie in Spanish model
   A Labour council is trying to do something different to boost its area - and Westminster is watching.
Ashok Kumar: Teesside’s gentle, tenacious and respected pioneer
   The Indian-born chemical engineer who overcame racism to win over his Teesside constituents.
05  novembre     15h26
What does ’sleaze’ mean when politicians use it?
   It’s a catch-all term for scandal - and the opposition parties are trying to pin it on Boris Johnson.
11  novembre     09h43
Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe: Husband Richard on hunger strike to urge government to help
   Richard Ratcliffe, the husband of Iranian detainee Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe, is weeks into his protest.
05  novembre     18h53
Owen Paterson row: How did PM score spectacular own goal?
   After a week of rebellions, U-turns and resignations, the BBC’s Iain Watson explains what went on behind closed doors.