BBC : education
27  novembre     06h15
Covid: Schools asked to test on-site after Christmas
   Secondary schools in England are asked to prepare to carry out initial tests on-site, as in September.
26  novembre     01h18
Cambridge sculpture makes a stand on culture wars
   Leading academics see Paulo Freire as a symbol of tolerance and dialogue amid tensions on campuses.
Meditation could replace school detention, suggests councillor
   A Nottingham city councillor suggests a shake-up of the punitive culture at schools in the city.
Children’s grief charity shares letters to help with loss
   Mark Lemon, whose dad was murdered, encourages young people to write a letter to their younger self.
24  novembre     18h28
Welsh school dates changes to be considered - FM
   Mark Drakeford says radical change is needed as the academic year dates back to the 19th Century.
Universities to get good job targets for poor students
   A new drive to get universities to help disadvantaged students via tough targets is announced.
Universities to combat race bias in research
   English universities begin programmes to attract more ethnic minority students into research.
22  novembre     10h57
Don’t call young people ’woke’, says leading head teacher
   Samantha Price wants parents and teachers to keep up with the younger generation’s views.
25  novembre     06h43
Bristol University alumni students’ friend-finding app fights loneliness
   The app connects people, with similar interests, using an algorithm.
23  novembre     12h40
Councils to be forced to take child asylum seekers
   More than a hundred children are living in hotels because of a shortage of places in care homes.
22  novembre     05h31
Children in care in England could hit almost 100,000 by 2025
   The figure for England would represent a 36% rise in a decade, research for county councils says.
19  novembre     02h28
School uniform costs: ’It amazes me how much I spend on my children’
   Parents must be allowed to buy some items from High Street shops and second-hand from next year.
16  novembre     19h17
University staff to strike in December
   Staff at 58 universities will go on strike, causing disruption for students in the run-up to Christmas.
Ofsted inspections for all England’s schools and colleges
   All schools and colleges are to be inspected over next four years to judge recovery after the pandemic.
15  novembre     22h52
Government delays further education changes by a year
   Education Secretary Nadhim Zahawi says it would be wrong to push too hard on its timetable.
17  novembre     15h21
Students ’expected to live’ in homes with rats and damp
   The National Union of Students called for changes, saying landlords must be held to account
25  novembre     17h47
How the UK’s teacher of the year inspired me at school
   Abigail Chase has helped many pupils in her career, including BBC Wales journalist Tyler Edwards.
18  novembre     13h16
Mental health: Anxiety, depression and self-harm on rise among teens
   Charities and doctors say online and school pressures mean more teens have mental health issues.
The mums using Instagram to offer advice to new parents
   Covid has led to an increase in parenting gurus using social media to support new mums and dads.
06  novembre     00h37
Parents cry because they can’t provide food’
   One man’s efforts running a Stalybridge food bank are helping to ensure children are not going hungry.
05  octobre     12h47
Covid: Are schools back to normal yet? Not quite
   How are schools managing with Covid, a month into the new term?
19  septembre     00h36
Should schools retain online parents’ evenings?
   Parents and teachers seem to agree it is the number one innovation worth keeping post-lockdown.
14  septembre     00h32
Five things to take to university - and one to avoid
   Brighten up your accommodation, make friends and cook nicer meals with these handy items.
08  septembre     23h09
The Kenyans who are helping the world to cheat
   Some Kenyans try to escape poverty by helping foreign students to fake their academic work.
10  septembre     14h20
Covid: Will I need a jab and what will university be like this term?
   Many Covid restrictions have been lifted for students going to university this term.
02  septembre     01h51
Covid: Mixed emotions as pupils return to school across England
   Parents have contrasting feelings as safety measures in schools are eased at the start of the new year.
07  août     23h00
Exams 2021: ’Will they take our Covid grades seriously?’
   It’s been a stressful few months for the thousands of young people waiting for their exam results.
12  août     10h29
GCSE results 2021: How were grades decided?
   Teachers have decided their pupils’ grades after Covid cancelled exams for a second year.
GCSEs 2021: The 9-1 grading system explained
   Teenagers will receive their GCSE results on 12 August.
22  juillet     23h59
Parents’ fears over sexting and abuse among teenagers
   A mother and a father reveal their shock at learning of their children’s experiences of online sex.
Zoomtown-on-Sea? The lure of a new life on the coast
   Remote working meant the Lancaster family could live anywhere - they found their sea view in Scarborough.
I thought rape isn’t something that happens to men’
   Support charities say male victims of sexual assault sometimes feel their experiences don’t count.
02  juillet     16h11
Will my child get free school meals this summer?
   A year on from Marcus Rashford’s successful campaign, what is the current situation?
24  juin     09h42
Students: Uni definitely not good value this year’
   Students are angry at paying full fees with so little in-person teaching, says report.
29  juin     07h06
Self-isolating students in end-of-tenancy ’nightmare’
   What happens if a housemate tests positive for Covid just as you were about to move out?
22  juin     10h33
Poorer white pupils ’let down and neglected’
   White pupils from low income families are falling behind every step of the way , an education committee says.
24  juin     09h57
Covid-19: School proms hit by continuing lockdown restrictions
   Pupils’ plans to celebrate with their friends have been hit by continuing lockdown restrictions.
Child labour in Uganda: The hidden costs of Covid
   When all Uganda’s schools closed due to the pandemic, nine-year-old Teddy joined her mother mining for gold.
23  juin     11h48
Should schoolchildren still have to self-isolate?
   More than a quarter of a million children are absent from school in the UK because of coronavirus.
21  juin     16h04
Contaminated blood inquiry: The school where dozens of pupils died
   Ex-pupils caught up in the infected blood scandal decades ago are giving evidence at an inquiry.
I play all the instruments in my Irish music band’
   Caitrà ona Lagan is a 15-year-old All-Ireland champion musician who plays five instruments.
19  octobre     13h31
How are pupils being kept Covid-safe?
   Face coverings remain compulsory in Scottish schools, and are being reintroduced in parts of England.
02  septembre     11h10
Covid Q&A: What are the rules for schools in Wales?
   New Welsh government rules are expected to be adopted by schools by 20 September at the latest.
25  août     15h17
Back to school: Parents and pupils delighted at return
   As the first schools in England start back, the BBC asks if this is a return to normal.
30  août     17h41
When do pupils in Scotland have to self-isolate?
   With the virus surging, we re-examine the new isolation rules and ask whether schools can ask pupils to stay at home.
Welsh schools to get 6m anti-Covid air technology
   Schools, colleges and universities in Wales are promised air monitors and ozone disinfecting machines.
Affordable uniforms law will miss new school year
   Parents are concerned that a law to make school uniforms cheaper will not be in place for September.
06  août     00h17
Only way you’ll get to Oxford is on a bus’
   Social mobility campaigner Sir Peter Lampl worries about the lack of fair opportunity for young people.
30  juin     16h08
Williamson wants to scrap bubbles to keep pupils in school
   With more pupils sent home from school in England, there are calls for a different approach to Covid cases.
29  juin     15h43
More pupils sent home as Covid disruption soars
   Rapid increase in pupils out of school in England as changes expected for self-isolation rules.