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18  octobre     19h28
Hound 13 receives massive investment from Garena for its upcoming MMOs
   South Korean developer Hound 13 is currently working on two titles for which they received an investment of 17.5 million from Garena.
15  octobre     10h28
New report says FIFA wants more than double from EA to renew licence
   Last week, EA shared the surprise news it’s currently exploring the idea of renaming its long-running FIFA football series - and we might now know why; a new report claims the football association wants EA to pay more than double its current deal to continue using its licence.
13  octobre     20h59
Party Poppin Robot Stompin rampaging its way to Kickstarter
   Fowl Robot Army are preparing to launch their first ever Kickstarter campaign to expand their development of Party Poppin Robot Stompin which is a brand new game being developed in both Blender and Unreal Engine 5.
No Peach & Bowser voice actor cameos in new animated Super Mario film
   From DailyBits: The upcoming and still untitled Super Mario animated movie won’t feature cameos by the actors voicing Peach, Toad, and Bowser in the games according to the actors themselves.
Google countersues Epic using Apple’s core arguments
   Google Says Epic’s mainly after tremendous monetary gain and wealth .
Paradox staff criticise culture of silence
   From Eurogamer: A new report published by Swedish daily newspaper Svenska Dagbladet (paywall) has detailed a culture of silence at Paradox Interactive, the developer behind strategy game hits such as Crusader Kings, Hearts of Iron and Europa Universalis. One particular incident involved the...
Raw Fury games to be adapted for TV and film
   From GI.biz: Raw Fury and production company Dj2 Entertainment have entered an agreement to adapt three of the publisher’s games for film and television. The games in question are Shedworks’ Sable, Monkey Moon and BlackMuffin’s Night Call, and Krillbite Studio’s Mosaic.
12  octobre     23h48
The Game Deflators E152 An Interview with Street Fighters Ryu and Dragon Ball Zs Narrator
   This weeks episode of the Game Deflators podcast the guys sit back and have a chat with the voice of our childhood, Kyle Hebert. Kyle is known for iconic roles such as Ryu from Street Fighter, adult Gohan and the narrator of Dragon Ball Z and Kiba from Naruto. Also this week, John and Ryan...
11  octobre     22h27
The Controversial WipEout Poster
   Featuring historical context and an interview with the designer, we take a look at the controversial WipEout poster that caused uproar in the UK press.
The Delights of a Quiet EGX 2021
   Richard writes: Despite the UK opening back up after 18 months of watching Tiger King, baking banana bread and building pubs in back gardens, it would seem that many gamers arent quite ready to reintegrate with society. At least, thats how it has felt this week at EGX 2021.