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01  juillet     18h35
The best game-exploiting speedruns of Summer Games Done Quick 2022
Sam Machkovech    Fans blast through everything from King s Quest V to Halo Infinite
30  juin     14h24
Cuphead expansion pack review: As good as DLC gets
Sam Machkovech    Delicious Last Course is priced right for Cuphead s best content yet
29  juin     20h59
Thanks to fans, the weirdest official Doom game is now playable on Windows
Sam Machkovech    A surprisingly fun turn based game made by id Software for a pre iPhone world
Meta sparks anger by charging for VR apps
Financial Times    Facebook parent faces backlash from developers accusations of hypocrisy over VR store terms
Blizzard will purchase 100-person Spellbreak studio to help make WoW content
Kyle Orland    But Spellbreak will shut down in after failing to hit escape velocity
28  juin     23h16
Sony finally announces a 4K monitor you might actually want
Scharon Harding    For the first time in almost decades Sony announced non professional monitors
Review: Razer Kishi V2 refines the gamepad that clamps to phone concept
Sam Machkovech    But Kishi s model will be better for some users and Razer s app still stinks
The best games on the Epic Games Store, as picked by players
Kyle Orland    Score inflation a lack of search functions mar an interesting setup
Return to Monkey Island trailer features an adrift and unfulfilled Guybrush
Kyle Orland    Sequel set many years later will hit Switch and PC sometime in
27  juin     18h42
Steam Deck shipments more than double this week so let’s estimate how many
Sam Machkovech    We match good hardware manufacturing news with a dive into Valve s public facing data
24  juin     21h17
PlayStation studios, major publishers break silence on abortion rights [Updated]
Kyle Orland    Ubisoft Activision Blizzard and more respond to Supreme Court decision
Microsoft will start banning players from all private Minecraft servers
Kyle Orland    New moderation tools will let players be permanently banned from online play
23  juin     14h20
Divers recovered giant head of Hercules from Antikythera shipwreck in Greece
Jennifer Ouellette    Over several expeditions divers have recovered statues jewelry and human remains
Cult of the Lamb hands-on: Animal Crossing meets the dark arts
Sam Machkovech    Devolver resurrects Actraiser s half sim half adventure in hilariously dark fashion
22  juin     15h49
Final Fantasy XVI aims for M rating to portray difficult adult themes
Kyle Orland    Action heavy RPG will also take a step back from FFXV s open world
Beavis & Butt-Head Do the Universe review: An enjoyably stupid multiverse
Sam Machkovech    Cartoon s return is not as sci fi as trailers hinted which might be for the better
21  juin     21h02
A brief history of (unintentionally) unbeatable games
Kyle Orland    KOTOR II on Switch isn t the first game that players literally couldn t finish
No hope for Hawkins? Trailer for Stranger Things S4 Part 2 is pretty bleak
Jennifer Ouellette    The super sized two part season finale is basically a pair of feature films
Review: Sonic Origins is a tragic example of good classics ruined by greed
Sam Machkovech    Polish can t make up for egregious DLC sales pitch lacking content
19  juin     11h00
The 10 best games we physically played at Summer Game Fest, Tribeca
Sam Machkovech    F in VR quirky puzzles drunken dodgeball fights and lots more